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Jim McGee - Jim loses a battle with a dinosaur and the magazine's new look.
Moose Peterson - Small is Good. Moose gives tips on shooting little critters.
Gary Stanley - Get ready for winter! Things you need to know when venturing into the snow.
News - An overview of the tons of products rolled out at PhotoPlus Expo on November 1st.
Books & Videos - We review some good books.
Feedback - Positives & negatives
Beginner Questions
Advanced Questions
This Month's Contest -  Capturing athlete's on film.
Last Month's Contest Winners -  Last month's contest was to capture the essence of fall. See the winners here.
Equipment for Sale
Equipment Wanted
Equipment & Services
Tokina 24-200 AT-X242AF lens - A quick look at Tokina's version of the wide range zoom.
Hakuba Photo Backpack - Less weight and less expensive than competitors.  A pack you shouldn't overlook.
You Carry THAT in Your Bag? - Lots of useful little things find their way into your bag based on past experience.
Autumn Color - It's the most colorful time of the year.
Black and White Filters - Black and white is seeing a huge resurgence. Knowledge of some basic filters can make a huge difference in your black and white images.
Get that Small f-stop Look - Consumer lenses usually go no wider than f5.6 in the portrait and long telephoto ranges.  Heres a technique for getting the look of much faster glass.



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