Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make an image bigger to see it better?
Sometimes.  Some of the images that accompany articles can be clicked on to blow them up to double their size on your screen.  You can tell which imags you can zoom in on by looking at your mouse cursor as you pass over the images, it will change from an arrow or bar to a pointing finger when it passes over images that you can blow up.

What's the best camera, lens, flash, film, bag, etc.?
While we would be the first to say "great photographers make great photos not great cameras", we do recognize that great gear goes a long way toward making it easier to consistently make great images. As such we note the details that went into the creation of an image such as camera, lens, exposure (when recorded), filters, and film. If an image has been manipulated (such as sepia toning) we note what software was used to do it.

Every photographer has preferences in equipment. We try to present fair appraisals of equipment whether it be praise or criticism and not everyone will agree with us.  A lot of it comes down to personal preference.  When looking for equipment it's foolish to look at the opinions of others as more then a guide.  Go out and look at your choices and pick what feels right to you - not someone else.

What's the best photo software?
We use numerous packages. Whichever best fits the job at hand.  We've yet to find the universal photo software.

What do you look at when you review equipment?
Click here for a description of what we look at when we review equipment and how we grade equipment.

I see a monthly digital darkroom column, will you be doing articles on traditional darkroom techniques?

It's easy to get great shots when you're in places like Tibet and the Carribean, how about the rest of us who are shooting in our own backyards?
We go to exotic places to shoot because people like reading about them and seeing them, but all these places are somebody's backyard.  Many of the photos in the magazine are actually shot in our own backyard - Philadelphia and it's surrounding communities.  You can find beauty wherever you live, you only have to look.

How can I become a great photographer?
Put lots of film through your camera(s), don't be afraid to be self critical, look at the work of other photographers and artists who's work you like, and think about framing images even when you're not (long commutes are good for this for you landscape shooters).  That said don't try and be someone else.  Find the kinds of images that YOU like to create.  We all see the world a little differently.  

So if you do all that will you become a world famous photographer?  Maybe yes, probably not, but if the only person you're trying to please is yourself you'll probably make better images and have a better time making them - remember this is supposed to be fun.

What's the Most Important Part of Photography?
Turn off your computer and get out there and do it!  The images are only the final result.  The real reward is the experience.  The photos help you relive and remember those stories and the experiences and in some cases give you the opportunity to share them with others.  Pack your camera and film and head out for the territories.  Rich experiences, and even a little risk are what make life worth living.  Besides they'll give you great bar tales!

Problems with Translations
We occasionally get reports of mistakes in the translations of the pages on our site.  Some are mundane, some humorous. and occasionally the risque.  Unfortunately we don't have direct control of the translations.  We use a third party service called ALIS for translations.  A page is translated each time you click on it, and mistakes in grammer are not uncommon.  Even though the service is not always perfect, as translations rarely are, we feel it's important to try and make our magazine as available as possible to everyone - not just those in our home, the United States.  So if reading in a language other then English, hopefully any errors will give you a good laugh, rather then a concern.