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Good Books  
Your Words   Shooting Active Pets - Pets are one of the most popular photo
Feedback   subjects, so why are so many pet photos so bad? 
Questions - Beginner  
Questions - Advanced Close-up Photography - Shooting small items can be a
Classifieds   challenge, here are some tips to get you started.
Buyers   Great Locations
Equipment & Services   New Orleans French Quarter Festival - A celebration of 
food and music at a less hectic pace then Mardi Gras.
Next Month, May 7th Gear
Highlights  Minolta XTsi Dual Zoom Kit - Can Minolta put everything
Missed Last Month?   you need into an inexpensive, easy to use package?
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    Slide vs. Print Film - It's not about which is better, it's about
Help   knowing the pros and cons of each for different situations.
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Questions   Digital Technique
Print A Copy   Never buy Black & White Film Again - Here's why. 
Advertiser Information   Assignment
    Create Interesting Portraits - Great portraits tell you 
Our Philosophy something about the person in front of the lens.  They can stop 
  you in your tracks.  They can make you say "Is that a cheeseburger on her head?"

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