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There were some technical problems with our subscription database in March.  The technical folks tell me it was an argument between two drivers on our server that affected certain browsers on an intermittent basis (making it difficult to track down).  

The demons appear to have been exorcised in a bizarre ritual that involved chanting, voodoo, and the sacrifice of a Microsoft manual.  If this problem affected you please accept our apologies.  If you subscribed but didn't receive the April issue by email by the afternoon of April 4th, then the database did not record your subscription.  Please click here to re-subscribe.  Thank you, Jim McGee

Feedback on the site
We want to thank everyone for the positive feedback we received on the first issue.  Frankly it's been a little overwhelming.  Here are some excerpts:

I love your website . I would be very grateful if you could publish more techniques concerning portraits,modeling and fashion photography. Also please give some helpful hints on lighting. 
Sudhir Nair

I have just finished reading your magazine, cover to cover. First time I've ever done that on-line. Kudos to you on an excellent mag!
Dave Kunze

Thought the first issue was really great, keep up the great work... good luck.. 
Steve Hall

...Thanks again and all the best to you for putting this thing together. May it be as effective as each of your individual endeavors have been for so long to this industry. 
Long live 
Thomas Kibodeaux

One of the best photo sites to come along to date. Not the same old trite stuff you usually see... 
I hope you can keep up the good work and the unique quality. 
Bob Bruechert

This is a great website! I'll definitely be back!

Your site rocks! Congratulations! 
Greg Sullivan

On Moose's Grizzly Bears
toooo cute!

umm, Cindy, was that Moose or the bears?

Updates on traveling with camera gear
Evidently officials in England have been instructed not to hand check carry on film.  With the ready availability of high speed films in the Europe it would be prudent to leave anything over ISO 800 at home and buy faster films when you arrive if you'll be passing through the UK.  We received several letters similar to these:

...When I asked to see a supervisor he was polite but refused to hand check any of my film which included 10 rolls of Royal Gold 1000.  This is the second time this has happened to me at a UK airport in the last year.  I haven't had a chance to test the Royal Gold 1000 yet but have put it aside until I can.  With so many high tech ways to check anything that looks suspicious I just can't understand their attitude...
Mary Holzschlag

It's too bad that checked baggage is subject to such strong X-rays. I have always hand carried film. But a recent trip to England told me to avoid that country for travel with photography in mind. I was hand carrying my film (about 60 rolls) in a large transparent plastic bag. I use Fuji so the film canisters were also transparent. I encountered an arrogant security guard/supervisor who refused to hand inspect the film and forced me to send it through the X-ray machine. I'll never go back to England again!!!!!
Cary Tamura

We received several letters regarding fellow passengers who maul your carry-on by jamming their own bags into the overhead.  The only protection here is to make sure that your gear is well padded inside your carry-on.

and finally:
Great article I enjoyed reading it. I worry about being out in the field or cities and shooting and our safety as much as I do in the airports.

 I'm going to be in California with my wife and will be shooting in different areas. I always worry about shooting in cities like San Fran, maybe you could write a future article on safety when actually shooting. Thanks again for a very interesting article! 

Jim Brandano

Jim, the only advice I can give when shooting in urban areas is to be aware of your surroundings and not get lost in your viewfinder.  I usually keep my camera bag under my tripod so I can keep an eye on it.  Most importantly, listen to the hair on the back of your neck.  If something doesn't feel right, get back in the rental car and leave.  The shot isn't worth your safety. 

 BTW, San Francisco is a beautiful city, I'm sure you'll enjoy your trip there.

On Galen's Best Prints article
I am just jotting this little note to say thanks to you all for this new and great initiative and to thank Galen Rowell in particular for his most interesting article on prints. 
Pieter Gispen

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