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Self Assignment

What are Self Assignments and Why Do Them?

We all tend to get in creative ruts sometimes. We start assuming too much about what we can and can't photograph, and about the limits of our equipment, our film, and ourselves. These assignments (hopefully) take you out of your comfort zone and get you photographing things you might not normally shoot. 

The only way to really learn is to do, and the more film you put through your camera the better you'll get.  Plus you get the chance to win a bunch of film.  This months winners will get 30 rolls of the Professional film of their choice courtesy of FujiFilm Professional.

This Month - Experiment with Your Wide Angle Lenses

This month's self assignment is about exploring the limits of your wide angle lenses.

Wide angle lenses can give you a unique perspective on the world.  They allow you to stretch the apparent distance between foreground and background subjects to create dramatic foregrounds.  They can also be used to distort reality - curving buildings and stretching faces and limbs. 

Experiment with landscapes, close-ups, or deliberately distort perspectives.  Then send your favorite shot to us.  You can use any lens wider than 28mm but no fish eye lenses this time around.  

Film Types
Color or black and white, Negative, Slide, or digital are all OK.

Lens Types (35mm format used as a reference)
28mm or wider lens, no fish-eye lenses.

Each month we pick several photos from the previous month's contest that we think are worthy of publication. Photos should be submitted by email in JPEG format, and should be no larger than 1400x1400 pixels, 24 bit color (1.4MB). Overly large images will not be reviewed. Panoramic images may exceed 700 pixels in one direction but should not exceed 1.4MB in total file size. Photos should be submitted no later than one week before publication of the next issue (listed on the front page). Submission of a photo will be considered a defacto release for publication. 

Please include the following in your email:

  • Name
    email address
    Brand & model of camera
    Brand & focal length of lens
    Brand & speed of film used (or specify digital)
    Scanner and/or scanning method
    How/if the image was manipulated digitally
    The story behind the image
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