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World Trade Center destroyed, Pentagon damaged in terrorist attacks.  Thousands feared dead.

Our deepest sympathies go out to all of those who have lost family and friends to this cruel and cowardly attack.  The bravery of the fire fighters, police, and rescue workers in New York has been nothing short of awe inspiring.

History has shown that in times of crisis Americans put aside their differences and pull together in unprecedented ways.  That has happened.  

For those who have done this, no place on earth will ever be safe again.


Sigma offers a lens aimed at digital SLR owners


Wolf Sells to Ritz 


Pentax Launches new lightweight digital camera


Sony introduces new digital cameras


Canon unveils new digital camcorders Kodak increases EasyShare wares

Sigma offers a lens aimed at digital SLR owners 
Sigma announces a new AF 20-40mm F2.8 EX DG lens. The lens offers a relatively wide bottom end to a normal focal length in a compact lens. The lens has access at the back for filters. On a Canon EOS-D30 the 20-40mm provides an equivalent range of 32-64mm, and on a Nikon D1X, a range of 30-60mm is provided.

Wolf Sells to Ritz 
The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that Wolf Camera is selling its assets to Ritz Camera in a deal worth $84.7 million. Wolf Camera filed for bankruptcy on June 21, filing assets of $176 million and liabilities of $219 million. Chuck Wolf, CEO and founder of Wolf Camera, said the $64 million purchase of Kodak's Fox Photo chain in 1998 was the main cause of the downfall of Wolf Camera.

The Wolf Camera brand will remain intact in many markets. The eight stores Ritz operates in the Atlanta area will be changed to Wolf Camera stores. All of the management operations for the combined company will move to Ritz's Beltsville, MD headquarters.

Chuck Wolf, cousin of David Ritz, will stay on as vice chairman. Wolf's 4,000 store workers nationwide will remain intact, however the future of the managers at the Alpharetta, GA Wolf headquarters is in question.

Pentax Launches new lightweight digital camera
Weighing just 8.5 ounces with batteries and CompactFlash card, the Optio 330 features a 3-megapixel CCD and 3x optical zoom. Pentax will bundle Lexar Media's 16MB USB-enabled Type 1 CompactFlash card with the camera.

Sony introduces new digital cameras
Sony Electronics is shipping several new consumer level digital still cameras. The Cyber-shot DSC-F707 comes with a 5.24-megapixel CCD, Carl Zeiss optics, and an advanced automatic flash system. The Cyber-shot 5, priced at about $1,000, offers options for both manual and automatic controls. Other controls have been added to enhance focus, exposure and composition. The camera is being shipped with a 16MB Memory Stick media card.

The DSC-P5 and the DSC-P3, Sony's smallest cameras, have new features added to improve the P series such as; an AF illuminator for focusing in the dark, two-shot burst mode for capturing fast action and simplified operating menus. The DSC-P5 features a 3x optical, 6x digital zoom and a 3.34-megapixel CCD and will be priced around $600 by the time it's available in October. The DSC-P3, priced around $500, will also feature a 3.34-megapixel CCD and is faster and lighter due to its fixed lens with a 3x digital zoom.

Canon unveils new digital camcorders
Canon's new XL 1S digital video (DV) camcorder has 27 more features than the XL1. According to Canon, the XL 1S is the only DV camcorder that can be customized to the needs of the user and to specific shooting applications, by changing lenses, viewfinders, and shoulder mounts. Canon said the XL 1S has improved picture quality and will be shipped in a kit this month for around $4,699. The kit includes a 16x IS ll zoom lens and color viewfinder. 

Also new from Canon is a professional telephoto lens with image stabilization. The lens provides image stabilization up to about three stops compared to the two-stop stabilization effect of previous Canon IS lenses. The new EF 70-200mm F2.8 IS USM lens will be available for about $3,000.

Kodak increases EasyShare wares
Three new digital cameras and two new inkjet printers are available from Kodak to make it "easier to share". The DX3900 Zoom, DX3700 and DX3215 will be available in September. All three cameras work with the EasyShare docking system, where pictures can be moved from the camera to a computer by pressing one button. The cameras will be shipped with Kodak's Picture Software.

The DX3900 Zoom features 3.1-megapixel resolution and a 6x zoom capacity (2x optical, 3x digital). It'll be shipped with an 8MB CompactFlash card for about $449. The DX3700 also features 3.1-megapixel resolution. It has 8MB of internal memory and 3x digital zoom capacity. It'll be priced at around $400. The Kodak EasyShare DX3215 has 4x zoom capacity, 8MB of internal memory, a 1.3-megapixel CCD and will be priced around $199.


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