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Tamron Introduces New Telephoto Zoom Lens


Apple Debuts New Power Mac G4 Line


Pentax Offers Rebates for 67II and 645N Systems


Mamiya Announces Expanded Bonus Programs


Research Indicates Digital Camera Users Waiting for easier Printing


Epson Announces New Scanner Line


Minolta Announces New Maxxum 5 Photoflex New OctoDome

Tamron Offers New Telephoto Zoom Lens

Tamron is offering a compact telephoto zoom lens which covers 75-300mm range with macro capability yielding a maximum magnification ratio of 1:3.9 at 300mm.  The lens features plastic components that reduce its weight, a low dispersion glass element to compensate for chromatic aberration, a nine-blade diaphragm construction for creating pleasing blurred backgrounds, and a large bayonet lens hood.

Apple Debuts New Power Mac G4 Line

Apple computer unveiled its new line of Power Mac G4 computers with 733 MHz, 867 MHz, and dual 800 MHz PowerPC G4 processors. Both the 867 MHz and dual 800 MHz processors include 256K of on-chip level 2 cache running at processor speed and a 2MB of level 3 backside cache per processor. For advanced graphics, NVIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics cards are now standard on all models, with the new NVIDIA GeForce2 MX with TwinView card for dual monitor support standard in the dual 800 MHz model.

Apple's SuperDrive, a combination CD-RW/DVD-R drive, is now standard in Power Mac G4 models starting at $2,499. The dual 800 MHz model features 256MB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive. It will be available in August for $3,499. The 867 MHz model offers 128 MB of RAM and a 60 GB hard drive at a cost of $2,499. The 733 MHz model contains 128 MB of RAM and a 40 GB hard drive. It will carry a price of $1,699.

Pentax Offers Rebates for 67II and 645N Systems

Pentax USA, is offering consumers a Professional Product Rebate up to $400. The rebate applies to the purchase of a 67II or 645N medium-format equipment (camera bodies, lenses, finders and film holders). The rebate runs through Dec. 31. Rebate information and coupons are available at www.pentaxusa.com.

Mamiya Announces Expanded Bonus Programs

Mamiya has expanded its Bonus Programs for the summer of 2001 for the following purchases:
  • Buy a new RZ67 Pro II or RB 67 Pro SD camera with back and two lenses and receive a free 120 or 220 film magazine  (a $600 value)

  • Buy a new 645AF or 645 PRO TL camera value pack and second lens and receive a free 645 Magazine and a Mamiya 3.5x magnifier (value $900)

  • Buy a new 645E value pack and receive a free 55mm f/2.8 or a 150mm f/3.5 Mamiya lens direct from Mamiya (value $600).

  • Buy a new Mamiya 7 II Rangefinder camera and any Mamiya 7 lens or any Mamiya 7 II value pack and receive a free Mamiya 3x Magnifier for 6x7 (value $375). When purchased with a second lens, buyers can obtain a Mamiya/Cabin 6x7 Projector for $500 (value $1,200) or receive free the Mamiya Polarizing Filter Attachment and Panoramic Adapter for 35mm film (value $550) plus the 3x Magnifier (total value $925).

Research Indicates Digital Camera Users Waiting for easier Printing

According to Dataquest Inc., a unit of Gartner Inc., digital camera shipments in the United States are projected to reach 8.9 million units this year and grow to 12.5 million units by 2005. Dataquest said this trend is leading to a change in consumer behavior. A Gartner Dataquest survey revealed that digital camera owners are more interested in electronic viewing and sharing, than in making silver-halide quality prints.

"When this new business model takes hold, it will turn the photography market on its head. Digital camera manufacturers that embrace this new business model with products and services, will survive," said Andrew Johnson, vice president for Gartner Dataquest's Digital Document and Imaging group. 

Dataquest said its research indicates that digital camera users are waiting for an easier, less-costly photo output option before photo printing becomes a high priority.

"Bundling of digital cameras and photo printers is a sign of the new business model," Johnson said. "Increasing photo-printing volume will create aftermarket profits, which if significant enough, could subsidize a new round of price cuts on digital cameras, photo printers and the bundles."

Epson Announces New Scanner Line

Epson is introducing the new Epson Perfection scanner line offering 2,400-by-4,800 dpi resolution with its new Epson Perfection 2450 PHOTO, which uses Epson's Micro Step Drive technology with precise stepper motor, onboard memory, and intelligent image processing. This high-performance scanner features USB 2.0 and IEEE-1394 (FireWire) connectivity. It is also equipped with a built-in 4-by-9-inch transparency adapter for scanning slides, transparencies, and negatives. It will be available in October for an estimated street price of $399.

The Perfection 1650 and the Perfection 1650 PHOTO both feature resolution of 1,600-by-3,200 dpi; 48-bit scanning; and a four-button interface with start, scan to Web, scan to e-mail, and photo scanning buttons. Epson said these scanners are ideal for scanning photos, text, or graphics. The Perfection 1650 PHOTO unit includes two additional items that are not included with the standard model; a built-in 35mm filmstrip adapter and Adobe Photoshop Elements. An optional 4-by-5-inch transparency unit is available for $99. Both models are USB compatible. The Perfection 1650 and 1650 PHOTO will be available in early September for estimated street prices of $199 and $249, respectively.

The Epson Perfection 1250 scanners, which are geared toward home use, offer 1,200-by-2,400 dpi hardware resolution, 48-bit color depth, and one-touch scanning. They include a 35mm slide adapter unit for scanning negatives and slides. Both will be available in early September at estimated street prices between $129 and $149.

Epson also reduced the price of its Epson Stylus Photo 780 inkjet printer. This six-color photo printer, which features support for Print Image Matching-enabled digital cameras, is now available for an estimated street price of $129.

Minolta Announces New Maxxum 5

Minolta announced the new Maxxum 5 35mm SLR.  The camera will feature a 7 point autofocus sensor, predictive focus for moving subjects, Minolta's 14 segmetn honeycomb metering system, P,A,S,& M modes, a top shutter speed of 1/4000th, 1/125th flash sync, HSS high speed flash sync with compatible flash units, and depth of field preview.  Price not yet announced.

Photoflex New OctoDome

PicturePhotoflex announced the OctoDome, a softbox offering a large, soft, wraparound light modifier for use with strobes. The OctoDome is part of Photoflex's new line of durable connectors designed to fit most major lighting fixtures.


Created especially for fashion and portrait photographers, the new OctoDome uses a rear-mounted light with two layers of diffusion and a soft white interior that deliver more light than a standard reflective umbrella and diffuser.

  The OctoDome maintains an even light spread and eliminates hotspots with a removable front diffusion panel, and a triple-layer, graduated interior baffle, Photoflex says. A removable rear back patch prevents light spill. It is available in three sizes.


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