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Mea Culpa - Nikon D2H

Three months back Nikon Europe tipped Nikon's hand on the release of the D2H just as we were releasing Issue #28 and a scramble began here at the office to get information on the new camera. Issue #28 was actually held up for a couple of days as we gathered information for a "First Look" article and asked Nikon to do a quick fact check of the article to make sure everything was correct. Seems we both missed an item. We incorrectly reported that Nikon's software could be used to effectively double the D2H's resolution as can be done with raw files from the D1X. However raw files from the new LBCAST sensor cannot be expanded this way.

You $&@)#$*@ Americans !

Great on-line magazine, and I always look forward to your new issue. Have been tempted to join in the monthly contest, but living in the UK, the theme of "Eats, Roadside America" was just out of my league.

Dennis Bradley

Great mag. I enjoy getting and reading it, Only gripe you tend to be too American and not international enough. (ie) The competition subjects, how the hell can I take "Roadside America" in Tannadice? Your mag is well constructed and full of interest, keep up the good work


You have just replied to a Canadian correspondent that competition entries are welcome from any country - Fine. But why oh why was did you set the last competition to "eats, roadside America"? Why be so parochial?

John Mahany

You raise a good point perhaps it should have just been "Roadside Eats". We'll try to keep those outside the U.S. in mind when coming up with future contests.

What do You Say to a Naked Model?

I think it's fantastic that you guys are tackling this subject where a lot of other publications would be afraid to. I'm curious if you're getting many complaints about it?

Keep doing what you're doing,  

We've had exactly two complaints since Joe started writing for us and his column has become one of our most popular. One of those two writing to complain felt that we were publishing pornography. The other felt that women's breasts were offensive (I'll resist the Freudian reference). Joe's articles are done in good taste and evidently most people get it. Heck we get a lot more complaints about Gary's jokes.

I'm really enjoying the articles on shooting models. I think this is an area of photography a lot of us would like to explore but we don't know how to get started.

Joyce W.

Bug Eyed 

I'm amazed about macro photography. Saw your work. Outstanding. All the best from Slovenija and thanks for article about MP-E 65mm macro...


Great article about macro photography. But where did you get that picture of my mother in law?


If that's what your mother-in-law looks like we can only imagine what the wife and kids look like. Yikes!!!

Grow Your Own Photography

Hey tell Lennie he can save money on feed. You can find all the deer you want on the Garden State Parkway. Those suckers will scare the heck out of you driving at 75mph!


Where are the State Troopers when you need them? The Parkway is posted 65mph; any deer driving 75mph should be ticketed !

Photos That Lie

I really like the article "Photos That Lie". I bet it really opened the eyes of a lot of photographers. Hopefully it will help people see that they don't have to go to some exotic place to find great photographs. It's all in the mind & eye of the photographer.

Patrick Smeaton

Sometimes we need a reminder that there are beautiful photos all around us. All we have to do is look.


I enjoyed your article on dropping preconceived ideas when you're out for a ramble with a camera. Always good to keep in mind. I look forward to regularly reading your publication.

All the best,  

Travel with Film

I am going to Kenya on safari, and I was concerned about the slide and film that I will carry through the terminals, how safe will it be?

I know you use all digital, but your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you,  
Mario Gritzalis

We also use film and travel with it quite a bit. We've published several articles for traveling photographers, and have found that for the most part, the horror stories about film being compromised are exaggerated.

Check out our two most recent articles for traveling photographers and the effects of x-rays on film The Complete Travel Update and Fuji Press 1600/Superia 1600 

We haven't done an article on Kenya, but we have visited Tanzania and Zambia and there may be something of interest for you in those articles: Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania and Zambia, an African Safari 

At least six weeks before leaving check with the CDC vaccination hotline at 1877-FYI-TRIP (1-877-394-8747) to make sure you shots are all up to date and then again two weeks before your trip.

Digital Rebel 

A digital Rebel. Yawn. I don't think it changes anything. A chip is a chip and there are chips in everything today from my coffee maker to my car. There are chips in a film Rebel. So why is this camera almost $1000? When I can buy it for under $300 at Walmart I'll be impressed.


I'm a Nikon shooter but I was really glad to see the digital Rebel come out for under $1000. That means Nikon will come out with something to match it and I can finally start thinking about buying a digital SLR.

Keep shooting, 
Bruce Roberts

Thanks for your comments on the Canon Digital Rebel. I bought one from my local dealer. He did not have the kit so I just got the body. I put a Tamron 28-300mm XR lens on it. This is a really nice outfit to carry and covers everything from 45-480mm. This is a sharp combination. To say that I am pleased with the results would be a big understatement. The camera is a joy to use. I have a Nikon D100 with a good variety of Nikkor lenses so it will continue to be my main camera when I am out strictly to take pictures. But I'll bet that I will get more good pictures with the Rebel since I will always have it with me. I do a lot of volunteer field surveys for our local parks and carry a lot of equipment and don't have room for a camera bag. Now I can always have a camera with me when an opportunity presents itself.

I always rely on your comments and, again, you haven't let me down.

Bob Roach

Grammatical Errors

I a grammatical error while reading

"...detail is at it's highest under these conditions..." " suitable for it's use."

As you know "It's" is a contraction for "It is". "Its" is the possessive form for "it". They are not interchangeable.

Thought you'd like to know. (No, I'm not an English teacher. I'm a serious amateur photographer who enjoys your Web site.)

Fred Jenny

Umm, Fred I'll be nice and not point out that "I a grammatical error…" is a grammatical error.  :-)

We Have Fans !

I love your magazine! I've learned more from it then anywhere else.


Geez Mom, we told you to stop writing embarrassing emails.

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to (this web page IS so awesome!!)...and especially thanks to Jim McGee. Your words of 'wisdom' are written with such honesty Jim.. Thank you so much.

Kind regards ... 

Great now McGee is going to think he has a clue…


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