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Last Month's Self Assignment Winners

Last month's self assignment was to shoot architectural details.  The winner receives 30 rolls of the Fuji professional film of their choice from B&H Photo Video.  The runners up receive 10 rolls of the Fuji professional film of their choice B&H Photo Video.  Winners are notified by email.

Winner: Artic Club
Steve Ford writes "I've liked the walruses since I first saw them. I waited for the setting sun to highlight the corner one. I used my SB-24 to add a little light from across the street.  Nikon F5, Sigma 80-210 F2.8 HS on Kodak Elite Chrome 200.  Scanned with a Nikon LS2000.  No manipulation except brightness/contrast.


M.E. Majeske tells us "When I saw how polished these lamps on the building where I realized I might get a great photo in their reflection. Amazingly, the building in the right of the fixture is across the river from where I'm standing. If you look closely in the center bottom of the fixture you can see me taking the picture."  Olympus Camedia E-10 taken at 132mm with it's built in lens, camera set to ISO 80.  An Unsharp Mask applied to whole picture except sky area (In Photoshop Lab mode, lightness channel, settings 130, 2 4) and the image was resized.

The McConnell House - Moscow, Idaho
Besides taking great photos, Dave Mitchell knows quite a bit about the history behind his subject.

Built in 1886 by William and Louisa McConnell, the McConnell house was a mansion by 19th century standards. McConnell moved to the small farming community of Moscow, Idaho in 1880 from Oregon. He started a small store on Main St in Moscow before entering politics.  He served as a U.S. Senator and as the 3rd Governor of the Idaho. During the depression of the 1890's, McConnell's business failed and he had to declare bankruptcy and move out of his home. The house is listed on the National Registry of Historical Places and is the headquarters of the Latah County Historical Society, Moscow, Idaho.

Nikon F5, Tokina ATX Pro f2.8 80-200mm on Fuji Velvia ISO 50 and scanned with an HP Photosmart S20

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