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Book Reviews

Idiot's Guide to Digital PhotographyOutdoor Photography 101 Tips and Hints 
by Heather Angel
paperback, 171pp, ISBN: 1-88340341-3

Too often "tips" books don't deliver the meat that an experienced photographer is looking for.  As a result we tend to pass them on the shelves and move on to more serious titles.  But Heather Angel's book of tips for outdoor photographers is definitely worth a look.

It's a well written book chock full of anecdotes and tips that Heather has gleaned from her work in extreme outdoor environments for the past 20 years.

Her tips cover a lot of territory, from home-made equipment and gadgets to professional gear she's learned works well in the field.  But her book isn't just about equipment.  She provides tips about lighting and metering, filters, and weather - all in a well written conversational style that will keep you coming back for more.  

I liked the short bite sized pieces that allowed me to nibble at the book at my leisure.  It's even the right size to tuck into your camera bag.


I Just Bought a Digital Camera, Now What?!    
by Dave Johnson
Softcover, 208pp, ISBN: 0-76072656-6

If you're new to digital photography this book isn't a bad place to start.  Rather than try to tell you what buttons to press on your camera, Dave Johnson does a remarkable job of laying out the background information you'll need to know so you can get the most from your digital camera.

Published in September of 2001, it's up to date technically and covers topics as diverse as choosing a printer and sending your photos to a Web enabled picture frame.

It's all of the background that's missing from the camera manual, and from all too many books and magazines.  And it's in those details where people find frustration.

What are the differences in printer papers?  How do I choose a memory card?  How do I get prints made from my digital photos?

Johnson answers these questions and more.  More importantly, he manages to do so in an approachable style in plain English.  If you're new to digital photography, this is a pretty good place to start.

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