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AOL Parental Controls

I can't look at the previous issues page.  It's blocked in AOL.  What's going on?

David King

Over the last couple of months we've had a bunch of emails along these lines and we couldn't put our finger on why it was happening (nor could several tech support folks we talked to at AOL).  It turns out that the parental controls in AOL were flagging the page because it includes a link to our article on photography black light nudes.  We changed the title of the article (on that page only) to black light portraits and the problem seemed to go away for several folks who had reported it.  So now those folks can browse previous issues - but not view the black light nudes article.  

A Philosopher

Nature has its own identity what can I say more about it.  I would like to say please save it.


Your Temper is Showing

I wanted to tell that pompous <deleted> <deleted> Michael in last month's feedback column where to go with his arrogant comment about American English.  Why don't you publish people's email addresses so that you can respond if they say something stupid?

Name withheld

If you read Michael's comments (and our response) you'll see that it was all meant jokingly as shown by the smiley face he added at the end of his email. 

We don't publish anyone's email address so that folks can feel free to tell us what they think, good or bad, without having to worry about getting flame mail from someone.  Flame mail is a nasty email that someone sends out without thinking.  Funny you didn't want your address printed...

Readers Respond to the PC Police 

We received a bunch of these that all said basically the same thing.

To the woman who wrote that it was improper for two adult photographers to have a beer with their crab dinner - get a grip!  Sheesh!

I'm going to go have a Pina Colada now,
Susan G.


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