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Supporting Multiple Languages

You support many languages for your magazine.  I think that this is good but you do not support the Russian language.  Will you?


I did some searching when I received your email but I wasn't able to find an English to Russian translation site.  If of our readers know of one please email me and I'll add it to our list of supported languages.

I noticed that you have versions of your magazine in several different languages.  Perhaps you have one published in English rather than American? :^)


Michael, this magazine is just our small contribution to bastardizing the English language.  So if we offered it in English that would defeat our purpose now wouldn't it? :^)

Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 EX Pro

Thanks for saying that the Sigma 28-70 is a good lens.  When I bought this lens some people in my photo chat room told me it wasn't a real pro lens because it wasn't made by Nikon.  When I read the article I posted a link to it in the chat room just to show them I was right all along.  By the way I have no problem with the aperture ring.  For once it pays to be small!

Thanks Vivid Light,
Connie (all 5'2" of me!)

I'm surprised that you would speak highly of this off brand lens.  If I'm going to buy a professional quality lens I'm going to buy it from Canon so I KNOW that the quality is there.

Giang Ma

We call 'em as we see 'em.  The lens produced high quality images and fared very well against the Nikkor we used as a bench mark.  As we noted in the article the Nikkor had a slight edge in sharpness.  But at 1/3rd the price of the Canon, we think the Sigma is worth a look for many photographers.

Digital Photography

I just can't accept Moose Peterson's assertion that a 1.3MB file produces a publishable image.

Cheryl Hansen

If I have a three mega pixel camera I'm going to take images that use every available pixel.  Why, why, why would I want anything less than the best quality?


I was shocked when I read Moose Peterson's statement that he gets the quality he needs to publish from FINE mode - so I tried changing the mode on my new 995.  You know what, I got some great 8x10 images using Genuine Fractals (it came with the 995) and the files are a lot easier to work with.  Thanks Moose!

Ron Sievers

Shooting at anything less than max resolution is giving up image quality!  Maybe I should try putting some lower quality lenses on my D30 while I'm at it!  How can you say this in print?


To quote Moose's article "I can tell you that I've had a dozen magazine covers and over 400 original digital capture images in print in the past year. I can tell you about a software maker who made a 7'x4' foot print for PhotoKina that the public couldn't tell came from digital."  Frankly that kind of success speaks for itself.  

We're Discovered by the PC Police !

I was enjoying your article on shooting in my former home state of Maryland (Dodging Raindrops along Maryland's Coast, VLP, June issue) until I came across your reference to drinking pitchers of beer with your crab dinner.  There are many young adults interested in photography and many of them use the Internet.  Do you really need to include this kind of bad example in your otherwise fine publication?

name withheld by request

What do you expect when you send two Irish guys (McKern & McGee) on a photo assignment?  Seriously, given everything that goes on in the world, I would say that two guys having a beer with dinner aren't much of a threat to America's youth.



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