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Digital vs. Film

Hopefully you won't think that I'm too much of an old grouch, but for me photography can never be digital.  I took some photography courses while in college and my first real camera was a Nikon F that I purchased new in 1961 (I wish I had kept it).  I have traded up several times over the years and am now quite happy the Nikon FM2 I purchased in 1988.  I shoot mostly black and white, except for family occasions when I usually shoot Kodachrome.  I do all of my own black and white printing.  With respect to Mr. Peterson, I just can't imagine that a computer could give me the same enjoyment.  

But don't think me a Luddite.  I have used the Internet for several years, and I enjoy your publication.  I just don't feel that I could ever find digital photography as enjoyable as film photography.

Dr. David Stein

Film vs. Digital. I just read about your face lift and agree that the debate is dumb. If you take your film and put it through anything, then it becomes digital. "Digital" is an art form separate from film. If you take your film and have it blown up from the slide or make an interneg and blow that up, it is still film and is an art form still in itself.

Thanks for clearing that up.
Paul Ivaska

I disagree with your comment that the film vs. digital debate is dumb.  By now it should be obvious to anyone with a brain that digital is displacing film!  Film is dead and the corpse is beginning to smell.  Anyone buying a new film camera today is just buying an antique for their shelf.  I recently sold off my EOS bodies and purchased a Canon D30.  I can't image ever shooting film again.


I found your comments in the June issue regarding the film vs. digital debate to be refreshing.  My business is product photography with some portrait work for corporate clients.  I started experimenting with digital two years ago.  It is a good tool that solves some problems for me, but it doesn't solve all of my problems.  Also some of my clients prefer to see chromes vs. digital files.  So I use both mediums.  Whichever tool is best for the job.  Professionals view their equipment as tools required to do a job that gets us paid, so we don't invest a lot of emotions into our equipment.  I was surprised to see that Moose had gone completely digital.  But as he said, it works for his style of photography.

I had a roof put onto my house recently.  The roofers used air guns to nail on the shingles but still used hammers for some things.  I doubt they debated the purity of the air gun when it came out.  It was simply a better tool for some parts of the job, and their old hammers remained a better tool for other parts, so they integrated both into their work.  That's what I've done with digital, and what I think a lot of working professionals are doing.

Just my 2 cents,

The 995 is proof that film is dead.

I want a 995!  When will they be available in New York?

They're available now.

On Traveling Light

I just found your site this week....nice contains a little of everything.....I saw a pro explain about the n65 Nikon he uses in traveling light...that is my camera too...this made me feel good as I just bought it......I like your site it feels relaxed and does not blast you with products,,,,quality content is there for any minute I got to review all day long in my computer..... 
Tim Davis

I don't know if I could ever travel as light as Galen Rowell suggests.  I would be too afraid that I'd miss that once in a lifetime shot.  But then I don't have his talent either.

Amanda Grimwade

On Our Performance

Just found your website and enjoyed it very much. We have a new photo club in Wellsboro and I hope it is alright that I downloaded several of the articles. (I was unable to get the last page of the "Tips for Shooting Sunrises and Sunsets". Keep up the good work and I will pass along to the membership your Website address.

Art Heiny

What a pleasure it is to look forward to a monthly photographic magazine filled with well written, informative articles, and not filled to 50% (or more) with advertisements! It's fair to say that all photographers, from newbie to grizzled vet, can gain something by reading through the current and past issues that you've made available. Thanks for such a good job!


Great site.  Can you do an article on Paris?  I'm traveling there in November and I need some tips on what to photograph.

John & Nancy

We don't have a Paris trip scheduled for the fall.  We'd recommend going to a book store with a good section of travel books.  Paris is a popular destination so you should be able to find some good guide books for the city.

I simply want to thank you. This is one of the best sites I have seen with information that is difficult to find anywhere else. Most of the photo magazines that I buy have less useful information.

Bruce Cunningham

On Book Reviews

I appreciate your newsletter and have found it very informative particularly the article re sunset photography. Interestingly I recently purchased the night photography book by John Carrucci and have started on a project to photograph Sydney, Australia by night.  The quality of my pictures has been improving and I find the book has been very helpful. However, in respect of the book, all the photos have been taken at f8 or f11 which is in contrast to his table advising settings for shots the majority of which advocate lower f stops.

Ermil Sipp

After reading about the book Capturing the Night with Your Camera in your book review section I went to my local book store to look at a copy.  They said that they had sold both copies that they had in stock in the last three days and that it would be at least a week before another copy came in.  I'm blaming you.


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