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Last Month's Self Assignment Winners

Last month's self assignment was "Create a Christmas Card". 

We want to congratulate both the winners and all those who participated. Special thanks to our sponsor FujiFilm.

There will be no contest this issue as we're lining up new sponsors and looking at new contest ideas. 

The winners will be contacted by email for their choice of film. Please allow six to eight weeks to receive your prizes.

Winner: Tess Campbell, Ornament
This hand blown glass Christmas ornament was placed on heavily frosted windowsill using poster putty to hold it in position and prevent if from rolling onto the floor. 

An Olympus C-2100 UZ digital camera was used set to the macro mode and handheld. The resulting image was re-sized and frame added using PhotoShop.

Gord Allan, Figure Skater
This shot was taken for a Christmas card for our family to send to our friends this year.

It is a photo of my daughter's favorite Christmas ornament, a symbol of one of her special pastimes. It caught my attention one night when I admiring the tree and the soft glow of the lights that seemed to make this skater come to life. I immediately thought this would make a great shot and went to get my camera and tripod. 

It was taken with a Canon D60, ISO 100 and a Canon 28-105 lens. Unfortunately, I don't have the shutter and aperture information any longer although I am pretty sure it was f2.8 and probably around 1/15 or so. The image was sharpened slightly in Photoshop Elements to accentuate the glass ornament.

Dawn McDonald
We just finished decorating the tree, and I thought it looked really nice. I used my star filter and placed a vignette around the picture in Photoshop to focus attention on the tree lights and Mr. and Mrs. Claus. 

Canon EOS 10D and Tamron 28-105mm Digital lens



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