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Capture Your Kids in Pictures: Simple Techniques 
for Taking Great Family Photos with Any Camera
by Jay Forman
ISBN: 0817436553
Paperback, 144pp

Capture Your Kids in Pictures shows parents how to take better images of their children. This book is aimed not at amateur or professional photographers, but at parents who don't necessarily have any photography experience and whose primary interest is preserving memories of their children. 

Parents don't care about fancy, expensive equipment -- they just want to take great pictures of their kids. So, whether you're using digital, film, or even disposable cameras, Capture Your Kids in Pictures gives you a "can-do" mantra and will inspire you to capture the individual personality and unique spirit of your child.

Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great 
Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera
by Bryan F. Peterson
ISBN: 0817463003
Paperback, 160pp

You've mastered composition and depth of field. Your images are tack sharp. But you're looking for something to take you to the next level. Something that will put your images on par with what you see from the pros. This book may contain that something.

Exposure is the most misunderstood aspect of photography among amateurs. Taking control of your exposures, and not just letting the camera's meter do it for you is a major step forward. This book will show you how in easy to swallow bites, in approachable and understandable language, and with stunning images. 

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