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Kodak's DCS Pro SLRn vs. The Nikon D100 & Gary on Digital

The article was excellent, but lacking in how exposures were chosen. I would have liked to been informed of his exposure techniques.


Gary Responds: To keep things fair and because of time limits, I set both cameras to Matrix metering, used the same lenses when making comparisons, the same lens apertures set on manual exposure and manual focus.

As if Kodak could challenge Nikon. Nikon RULES!!!!


I'll take the full frame of the Kodak any day. To me it's worth the extra money. I can't believe Nikon hasn't come out with a full frame camera yet. Maybe the D3? Why does Nikon always seem to lag so far behind Canon in technology? Look how long it took them to get VR on the market - and how many IS lenses Canon released before they did. It has me seriously considering a switch to Canon.

Frustrated Mark

With the new Canon Eos 1D Nikon have dropped further behind in the high res digital race. As A long time Nikon user from the S2 rangefinder camera to the F-2 SLR I have always been a dedicated Nikon enthusiast. I like the D-100 but where are the new models that will compete with Canon?

Hal Oliver

Gary Stanley's story on "What Really Matters" hit the nail on the head. I currently shoot digital and it works for me. I've had people come up to me and put me down saying I'm not doing real photography or I wasn't "professional" for not using film or a 6,000 dollar digital. I currently use a Canon G5 and I had a gentleman tell me he was professional because he was using a EOS 10d. I just let it go and went out and took some killer pics just to spite him. Anyway thanks for the article.

Eric Booth

I accepted Gary's challenge and guessed if his images were digital or film. I was right on all of them. And much as I hate to admit it, it's because the digital are better quality! LOL 

Cheryl Brake

I thought Gary's article was very well written, and I enjoyed reading it very much. The photos were wonderful, digital or film. They are simply beautiful.

Elva Kelly

In the dialogue concerning digital vs. film someone wrote that they were thinking of returning to film until the digi thing was figured out. Well I had a little flood in my basement recently and hundreds of negatives were soaked in their plastic sleeves with muddy water. Sure, many are salvageable (soaking them in wetting solution, getting them out of the sleeves washing them etc drying them etc) the very reason I went digital. So my thinking now is just go with what gives me the best results NOW for my purpose NOW and figure the storage problem as I go. I guess nothing is permanent. 

Sic transit gloria mundi
Vince B.

Regarding Gary Stanley's Photos on Digital or Print. The photo of the woodpecker is not a Hairy Woodpecker, but I believe, a Three-toed Woodpecker. A Hairy Woodpecker has a red cap vs. the Three -toed a yellow cap. I enjoy Gary's articles very much, the whole magazine, excellent. 


We've noticed before that Gary has problems with proper pecker identification...oh, wait, you thought we meant, ohhhh, get your minds out of the gutter. We're talking about Gary's bird, oh, um, never mind. Will someone please change the subject?


I've always wanted to visit Paris but have hesitated because of the rumors about Americans not being welcome. After reading your article I've been pricing out trips on Expedia. 
John Gail

I just read Mr. Egan's article on Paris. I want to go!


Paris has always captivated photographers. I've been there three times now and can't wait to go back again.

Thanks for the fix,
Dan O' Conner

Street Shooting Tips

'Street Shooting Tips' Wonderful article


I've always wanted to try street shooting but always felt kind of weird doing so. After reading your article I decided to give it a try. Now I'm addicted! My D100 is great for this kind of shooting since I can see right away what I got. And you were right. Most people either don't care or will ham it up for you. It's all in the approach.


I thought you might have paid more attention to personal security and evaluating the "threat level" of the area where you're shooting, especially when outside the U.S. Becoming a victim could ruin your day shooting.


Jim Responds: I really haven't had any problems out shooting that I thought were particularly threatening. There has been the occasional pan handler or person looking for a buck for taking their picture. But as always, my advice is a little common sense and listening to your gut is the best advice. Frankly if you're that uncomfortable walking the streets in exotic locals you might be better off shooting close to home and sticking with tourist areas that have a lot of foot traffic and some security.

The Making of My Tomahawk

After reading "The Making of My Tomahawk", I was thinking of the moral of the story, "If you see something you would like to take a picture of, ASK!" So many times I wish I could have taken a picture, but... Perhaps there will be less times in the future, 


What an unexpected pleasure Lennie Rue's column was this month! I'm into tools and woodworking as well as photography and it was great to read his description of how his tomahawk was made and daunting to look at the level of craftsmanship. 


CompuTrekker AW

I liked the article on the Computrekker AW and you told us what you were using, however, it would be nice to know what you think it would or would not carry, as in bodies. Would it take a D1X? a D2h?

Michael Smith

Gary Responds: You're absolutely right! I'll do better next time I promise. My D100 with the battery pack is a bit tall, but fits well enough to close the bag without issue. It will probably be close with the big Nikon bodies as well.

In my bag I have: The D100 w/battery pack 80-400VR 24-120VR 12-24 200mm Micro Nikkor SB 50DX flash unit 1.4 and 2x converters various filters, extra batteries, memory cards and a small reflector.

Thanks for keeping me in line!

Intro to Digital Photography

In the article at it says "First among these is your PC." 

Hmm... so you need a PC do you to do digital photography? I've been using Macs for many years and it works fine :-) A PC, although short for Personal Computer, is typically referring to a Wintel machine and Macs are usually excluded from being "PCs".


A slip of the keyboard. You're correct it should have said computer, not PC. Sheesh the Mac crowd is getting a little touchy these days.

And Philosophically Speaking...

A picture is worth a thousand words, 
A digital picture is worth a thousand questions.

Tom Cooley

Joe Farace Responds: And that is a good thing!

Kind Words

I just subscribed to your ezine last month. I have since read virtually every past issue, especially Gary Stanley's editorials. I have been studying the pictures I have seen on this website and others to see how different photographers use the various "rules of composition" in their work. I have learned a lot and am hungry to learn more. I like to shoot nature just for the joy and beauty of it. I want to shoot weddings eventually. I have the equipment, now I just need to develop the skills and the eye.

Thanks Guys, you've taught me a lot.
David M. Moore

I found your web by mistake. I have have learned in just 10 min. 


By all means keep making mistakes!


Hi, I am trying to enter the contest on water for this month. Every link I try comes up with this message (could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not installed) What gives, what do I need to do to correct this problem? I really enjoy your magazine. 


Computers can never tell you what they actually want because the techies writing the programs make them talk in geek speak. They just can't help themselves.

The message most likely means your Web browser doesn't know what email program you're using. I'll assume for the moment that you're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer as a Web browser and either Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express as your email program (this is the most common combination).

If you are open Internet Explorer. Click on the TOOLS menu, and then pick INTERNET OPTIONS from that menu. In the window that opens you'll see a list of tabs across the top. By default the GENERAL tab will be displayed. Click on the tab labeled PROGRAMS. You'll see a list of the programs that you browser will use for various tasks. If no program is listed next to email click the down arrow to the right. Your email program should be one of the choices. For example, if you use Outlook Express for email, pick it from the list. Finally hit OK. Close explorer, and then reopen it. If you go to the contest page and click the link it should now work.

I really enjoy your magazine; good information, it makes me "stretch" in my photography. As you've said in several articles, it's easy to get into a rut in your approach to and thinking about your photography if you aren't careful. I look forward to each issue; keep up the good work.

See ya, 

I thought my photos were better than the ones that won the contest last month. How come I didn't win?


The judges didn't agree with you.

A Question

How come you don't have a print icon on your pages like some other online publications?

Burton Higgs

Those print buttons generally strip all the images out of the page and only print the text without any formatting. That way you're sure all the text will fit on the page - a problem when printing Web pages. 

Stripping the images out of our pages would kind of defeat the purpose of most of our articles so we didn't think it was a good idea. 


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