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Lighting for Glamour Photography: A Complete Guide to Professional Techniques for Film and Digital Photography
by Duncan Evans, David Kimber
160 pages
ISBN: 0817442324

We get quite a few questions from readers concerning studio lighting. Many of you want to go beyond on-camera flash and dabble in reflectors and lighting but you're not sure where to start or when to use these accessories. It's also true that most photography books have a relatively short shelf life and disappear after only one printing.

Lighting for Glamour Photography by Duncan Evans and David Kimber has been around for ten years and has been through seven printings and updates. The reason is simple - this is a great book. The images are first rate, the text is easy to understand, diagrams show lighting and camera positions for each shot, and "pro pointers" for each shooting condition provide invaluable tips that can make a dramatic difference to your images no matter what kind of camera you're using.

Our lone criticism would be in the print quality of some of the images from earlier editions. Some of these older images, their age obvious from the hairstyles of the models, appear to be low quality scans of the originals, and are not as colorful or sharp as more recent shots. A minor distraction in an otherwise excellent book.

If you're looking to get into glamour photography or even to improve your general portrait work this book is a great place to start. Contains nudity.



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