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Henri Cartier Bresson (1908 - 2004)

One of his most famous images Behind the Gare St. Lazare, Paris 1932 captures a moment in layers - the jumper, his reflection, and the image of a jumper in the background on a poster hanging on the fence.

 Rue Mouffetard, Paris, 1952 (below) is his best selling image.

Images Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos

The "Master of the Decisive Moment" passed at 95 years of age on August 3rd. Henri Cartier-Bresson was arguably one of the most influential photographers in the history of photography.

Born just outside of Paris to a wealthy family, he began as a painter and started dabbling in photography in his early 20's. Soon, he had been published in Life and Vogue and had had major shows in Europe and New York.

His body of work was far reaching. He photographed during the Spanish Civil War and Second World War and in its aftermath. He spent three years as prisoner of war in a German labor camp, escaped, and lived illegally in Paris documenting life in the occupied city and its its liberation. His photos were at times wrenching and at others happy and light. He photographed the both the famous and the average man on the street.

He shot with a Leica, the quietest of cameras, working only with black & white film, and without a flash. "Thrusting a subject in the limelight", he once said, "was a sure way to destroy it".

He also opposed cropping pictures, saying it diluted the image's meaning.

Looking at his photos today it's easy to see how strongly he influenced modern photography - especially in the area of reportage. In 1947 he joined with Robert Capa, David Seymour and George Rodger in founding Magnum.

Surprisingly he turned away from photography during the last 25 years of his life to embrace painting, his first love. By 1988, he was spending most days sketching in pencil or charcoal at his Paris home or at his retreat in southern France - though friends say his Leica, protected by a handkerchief, was never far from reach.

Fuji Announces Updates to S3

Beginning in October Fuji's S3 Digital SLR will offer a package of new features:

Improved Dynamic Range - A wider dynamic range claimed to be 400% greater than a CCD working on a single-pixel design, capturing more detail in even the highest contrast scenes.

Adjustable Dynamic Range - Photographers will have the option to adjust the camera's dynamic range, changing the mixing ratio between the FinePix S3 Pro's "S" and "R" pixels.

Film Simulation Modes - Photographers that favor the look and feel of film can replicate the results of various chrome and negative films while shooting digitally with the FinePix S3 Pro.

Color Spaces - The FinePix S3 Pro will offer a choice of sRBG and Adobe RGB color spaces.

Selectable RAW capture modes - The user will be able to "turn off" the expanded dynamic range function, decreasing image size without losing resolution.

Lightning-Fast Start-Up - The FinePix S3 Pro now goes from off to ready-to-shoot in one-half second regardless of media type.

Dual Shutter Release Buttons - A second shutter release button for easier vertical shooting.

Dual Image Interfaces - IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and USB 2.0 interfaces for camera control (IEEE1394 only) and high-speed image transfer.

10-Pin Nikon Electric Remote compatibility.


Sony Releases 7 Megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-P150

The P150 features an image size of 3072 x 2304 - making it the first point and shoot camera capable of capturing an image that can be printed as a 300-dpi 8x10.

The P150 also features Sony's recently introduced Real Imaging Processor that ensures fast start-up and shot-to-shot times, and increases the speed and performance of the camera's auto focus and auto exposure.

Best of all the DSC-P150 features a Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar 3X optical zoom lens to maximize the benefit of the camera's high resolution (38-114mm equivalent f2.8-5.2).

With the optional Cyber-shot Marine Pack (MPK-PHB), the Cyber-shot P150 becomes an underwater camera with water resistance to a depth of up to 132 feet. For those who want greater flexibility, the P150 can be used with optional telephoto and wide-angle conversion lenses.

The DSC-P150 uses a Memory Stick media card and will be available in September for less than $500 in black, blue or silver.

New Panasonic LUMIX Line, Three New Cameras with 12x Zoom

Panasonic announced the introduction of the Lumix line of digital cameras, the DMC-FZ3 (3-Megapixel), DMC-FZ15 (4-Megapixel) and DMC-FZ20 (5-Megapixel) equipped with a high-performance Leica DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens, all of which feature 12x zoom capability (35-420mm @ f2.8) and image stabilization.

Prices will range from $399 to $599 and the cameras should be available by late August.

Corel Releases Painter's Edge Bundle

Auto FX Software announced the Painter's Edge Bundle which includes Corel Painter 8.0, Photo/Graphic Edges 6.0 , a Getting Started With Painter 8.0 Training CD, and a Photo/Graphic Edges 6.0 Training CD.

MSRP is $199.


Imacon, Hasselblad Merge

Hasselblad AB announced the acquisition of high-end scanner and digital cameraback manufacturer Imacon.

The move places Hasselblad in a strong position in the high-end photographic market by teaming Imacon's digital back technology and Hasselbald's camera technology.

Phase 1 Releases RAW Image Software for Mac

Phase 1 announced their C1 RAW Workflow software LE will now be available for the Mac.

C1 LE handles RAW files from the following DSLR cameras: Canon: 10D / 300D Rebel / D60 / D30, Nikon: D100 / D70, Olympus: E-1 / E-10 / E-20 as well as Pentax *istD. C1 LE is available for Mac OS X 2.8 and later or Windows XP/2000. It is available in 3 different versions the C1 PRO at $599, the C1 SE at $249 , the C1 LE at $99 to reflect the different needs of the professional photographers. A comparison chart is available at with details on the individual versions.

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