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Photoshop for Right-Brainers: The Art of Photo Manipulation 
By Al Ward 
ISBN: 078214313X 
Format: Paperback, 400pp

Lets first say what this book is not. It's not going to help you make your Photoshop images look like slides. There are numerous other books that can help you do that. This book is for those photographers who feel the creative process only begins when you bring the image into Photoshop. It's about the artistry of images and it's surprisingly readable. Want to apply body paint to a model after the shoot is over, blend images, add reflections. It's here. A more practical subject for photographers is a detailed treatment of how to touch up models after a shoot. Traditionally a job done with airbrushes, and now done to virtually every celebrity magazine image there aren't many good sources for these techniques. The individual adjustments are subtle but the net effect can be dramatic. How about adding and subtracting tattoos? Or touching up the reflected images inside a liquid filled glass?

If you're ready to go beyond simply getting your images ready to print and to start exploring what you can do with Photoshop as a photographer. Then this book is a good place to start.

Nature Photography Close Up: Macro Techniques in the Field 
by Paul Harcourt Davies 
ISBN: 081745019X 
Format: Paperback, 160pp

Learning macro photography involves a tremendous amount of trial and error. This book endeavors to take some of the error out of that process.

The macro world can be confusing and frustrating even for seasoned photographers with its unfamiliar gear, reversed lenses, tricky depth of field and its own lexicon. This book is extremely detailed but manages to walk a fine line and remain interesting rather than becoming a technical tome. The images presented are stunning and reproduced with the quality we've come to expect from the publisher, Amphoto. These illustrations, and the individual chapters present the wide range of subjects that macro photography can cover, including underwater photography, a subject usually ignored in discussions of macro photography. The only criticism we'd have would be that the short sections on Photoshop and digital resolution vs. film resolution feel more like an afterthought than part of the overall text, which is otherwise excellent.

If learning macro photography is on your "todo list" this book should be added to your "to buy" list.

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