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Photoshop CS at Your Fingertips
by Jason Cranford Teague & Walt Dietrich
ISBN: 0782142893
Paperback, 576pp

The manual that comes with Photoshop is actually pretty good by computer manual standards. That's not to say it doesn't leave a bit to be desired. The result is a small mountain of books that all claim to be the best way to master the most popular image editing program. 

This book takes a different tack than most. It's intended to be a task based reference. You say you're in the middle of a project and you want to know how to apply bevel effects without wading through all the possibilities that crop up when you open the dialog box? There's a section that will walk you through it.  Just flipping through the table of contents I found a couple of Photoshop shortcuts I hadn't previously known. 

That's not to say this book is for everyone. The nature of this type of book is that it's only useful if you have some idea what you're looking for. Otherwise it's hard to know where to start in an index full of "Photoshop terms". 

But while beginners will be better served elsewhere this book makes a great reference for intermediate to advanced Photoshop users working to get projects done under a deadline.  

Photoshop CS for Dummies 
by Deke McClelland, Phyllis Davis
ISBN: 0764543563 Format: Paperback, 455pp

If this month's other book selection is a little too techie for you give this one a try. 

This book is completely unpretentious. It assumes you know nothing about Photoshop or even image editing. Most importantly it sticks to easily understandable language and avoids techno-speak. 

The experienced Photoshop jockey isn't going to find much of interest here. But if you're new to Photoshop this book will give you all the basics you need to edit and print you images and then prepare them for the Web. If you're just getting started this is a pretty good place to start. 

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