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Last Month's Self Assignment Winners

Last month's self assignment "Tools of the Trade" was to capture images of the common tools we use everyday. 

We want to congratulate both the winners and all those who participated. Thanks to our sponsor, FujiFilm, the winner receives 20 rolls of the Fuji professional film of their choice. The runners-up receive 10 rolls of the Fuji professional film of their choice.  Winners are notified by email.

Winner, Joseph Polevoi Kitchenware
"I am retired so the tools I use often in this phase of my life are tools of our kitchen. Very important items as I attempt to cook. The image was created using a kaleidoscope (Camerascope) filter with some Photoshop enhancement (Negative areas, etc.)"

Joe created the image using his Minolta Maxxum 700si camera and Minolta 28-85mm lens on Fujichrome Velvia 50 scanned with a Nikon LS-2000 film scanner

Danny Vowell, Camera Portrait
"I was asked to shoot a portrait of a new freelance photographer in town and was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how I could show her in her environment/medium without resorting to the usual images." 

"I was staring at some of my equipment on the shelf and my old, trusty Nikon F2S caught my eye. I attached a 85mm/f2 Nikkor to the camera and removed the finder. I focused on my subject and then shot straight down through the finder using my D1H and AF Micro Nikkor 60mm f2.8. Light on the subject was provided by one White Lighting Ultra 1800 bounced from an umbrella and the camera was lit by a slaved SB-26. This image was not composited in any way. Being that we are all photographers, I though this fit this month's theme quite well."

"After capture, the image was imported into Photoshop and resized. Curves were used to preserve highlight detail and a small amount of unsharp mask was applied."

Tom Baker, Guitar
"I photographed my brother's band while visiting him in Colorado. He plays lead guitar and the image is of him playing during a show. I used a red filter on my Nikon SB-25 with the camera set to rear sync to catch the movement of him playing while being able to isolate the guitar and his hand with my strobe. I used the red filter to blend with the color of the stage lights."

The camera was a Nikon N80 with a 28-105mm lens using Fuji Provia 100F and scanned using a Nikon CoolscanIV

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Vivid Light Photography, digital and film photography online