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Secrets of Finding Glamour Models, Part 2
by Joe Farace

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"Where DO you find models? That was a question I began answering last month, and this month I wrap it up with five more tips. Then you will know all of my "secrets," if you want to call them that.

A Friend of Another Model

Amelia was the friend of a model I had shot previously. She had seen and liked many of the photographs, so she called and asked for a test shoot. 

This is from our first photo session together and was made during and her second-ever model shoot. As you can tell, she's a natural. This photo was made during our first half-hour of the shoot, which I like to do outside in a nearby park if the weather is cooperative. 

Image captured with Canon EOS 10D set at ISO 200, EF 135 2.8 SF set at f/5.6 with 1/125th of a second using natural light supplemented with fill from a Canon 420EX flash.

Secret Number 5 
Your own Website. If you have a website be sure to include a Model Search section and provide information about test shoots and show your price structure as well. I like to work in packages to keep it simple, but you can use an ala Carte method if you like. Just show what you charge for this service. Over time, having a model search section on my website has been the single best source glamour models I've found. I may get more models from the agencies, but the models with the best attitudes have usually come by contacting me through my Model Search page.

A Model Search Page

As you begin to build both print and on-line portfolios, the number one source of model referrals will come from models sending you e-mail. Make sure your own website has a Model Search page that shows examples of your work as well as a description of the kind of models you are looking for. Show the prices for the various modeling packages you offer too. 

If you scroll down to the bottom of my page, you will see a three-tier "Modeling Packages" price list. Feel free to borrow what you like from anywhere on this page.

Secret Number 6 
No Website? So you say you don't have or can't afford a website at this time? Don't let that stop you from having an on-line presence. Check out the many inexpensive portfolio sites on the Internet that allow you to post images. You can view two of my own on-line portfolios at and .  These on-line portfolios have been my second best source of finding great models.


Sometimes you're lucky enough to meet fabulous models at photographic shoots and that's what happened with Anna Lieb and me. ( - contains explicit images) 

Anna is not just incredibly gorgeous, and sexy with an amazing petite figure, she's fun to work with too. 

This image was made in Phoenix at CJ's Studio, but could have been made anywhere. It was shot with a Canon EOS 10D and 28-105mm lens at 105 with natural light (late in the day) and fill flash from a Canon EX420 and Sto-Fen diffuser.


Secret Number 7 
Ask Them to Tell a Friend. Another good source of glamour models referrals is from other models that you've photographed, but don't count on them thinking about it. At the end of every shoot, I give each model several of my business cards and ask her to hand them to any friends that might be interested even if that person never thought about modeling, other than it might be fun. Some photographers give money to models for anybody that they refer. I've tried this method but it didn't work for me. It may work for you however if you have specific model types in mind.

Are you a Model?

That's what I asked Tasha when she and her husband were standing in line waiting to get into a car show. I talked with her for a few minutes and handed her my business card. We had several photo shoots after that and I found that she was one of the most talented, natural models I've ever worked with. Captured with Canon EOS 10D set at ISO 200, EF28-105 mm zoom at 58mm set at f/4.5 with 1/60th of a second using natural light supplemented with fill flash from a Canon 420EX.

Secret Number 8
Hand out Business cards. While it may seem obvious, handing out business cards to potential models you see on the street is a more than good idea. Since this can sound like a pick-up line, I only approach models if they are with friends and if I am with my wife. I just tell them to visit the Model Search section of my website and send me an e-mail if they are interested. I give business cards to my wife and friends who are not bashful about handing them to potential models they might meet in their everyday lives. 

I also photograph cars and often place my automotive business card on hot-looking vehicles with notes asking if I can photograph them too. So far I've had NO takers on this offer with cars, while I have photographed dozens of models by just presenting a card and letting them follow up.

Secret Number 9
Let Everybody Know You're Looking for Models. Show your print portfolio to everybody. Show it to your neighbors, show it to other photographer/friends, and show it to the waitress at Denny's. If people know you are looking for aspiring or amateur models, they will refer these models to you.

No matter which of these nine "secrets" you try, the most important thing to remember when looking for glamour models is to be yourself and always be honest, respectful, ethical, and courteous in all of your dealings.

Click here to read part I

Joe Farace is Colorado-based photographer/writer who has written or edited 24 books, many of which are is available through But it's not all glamour. Be sure to visit to see Joe's automotive work.

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