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SilverFast: The Official Guide 
by Taz Tally 
ISBN: 0782141978 
Paperback: 240 pages

Silverfast is powerful scanning software that works on a number of platforms and with numerous scanners. It has a reputation for being great software with less than great documentation. That is exactly the kind of opening that Sybex likes to fill and this book by Taz Tally does a good job of it. Tally works through Silverfast in detail, covering all of the major functions and terms that you'll need to know to put the software through its paces. His style is approachable and the book makes an excellent reference. This book is best used as a starting point for someone already familiar with scanners and Photoshop. That's a good thing. Too many books try to be all things to all audiences. By aiming the book toward a specific audience Tally creates a reference that is far more readable and more valuable for his audience.

America 24/7 
By Rick Smolan, David Elliot Cohen 
ISBN: 0789499754 
Hardcover, 336pp

The idea behind America 24/7 was for over 25,000 photographers around the United States to take snapshots of American life during a one week period. The photographers included first-time digital photographers, photography students, top international photojournalists and newspaper shooters-including 36 Pulizer Prize winners.

1200 photographs made it into the book. The result is a fascinating slice of everyday life in America. The stories are fascinating and the images spectacular. This is definitely a book worthy of some quiet moments. I think you'll find it's also a book you'll keep coming back to.

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Vivid Light Photography, digital and film photography online