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DEET Drives Some Readers Buggy

If you guys were real men you wouldn't need no stinkin' DEET. You'd just grit your teeth and ignore the mosquitoes.


OK so maybe we're girly photographers. You gotta problem wit dat?

Deet, is harmful to the camera body, use a repellent that is Deet free.

Harold Reid

That's why we rub it on our bodies not our cameras.

Seriously though, Harold has a point. I usually pour a little water from my water jug on my hands and dry them on a paper towel (or my jeans) before handling my equipment.

I do a lot of shooting in the sand and I've got a problem with fleas. Will DEET work with fleas?


Sorry to hear about the flea problem A.G. If the DEET doesn't work try one of those new flea collars from Pet Smart. They have lots of colors so you can  coordinate with your camera strap.

Politics - Us?

I cancelled my subscription because I do not agree with America's politics in Iraq.

No Name

Um, maybe you didn't notice but we write about PHOTOGRAPHY not POLITICS.

Feedback on Feedback

The feedback page is the first place I go every month. I love that you guys don't take yourselves too seriously.

Keep laughing, 

You thought we were joking?

Canon Comments

Just a comment about the Elan 7 & 55EX flash combo reply. A 420EX would be better suited for an Elan 7 (or 7e), because the 420EX's infra-red focus assist covers all of an Elan 7's AF points. The 550EX flash only covers 5 of the AF points.

Rob Chandler

Who cares what new camera Nikon has! Canon Rules!


Nikon D2H

That's why Nikon is NUMBER ONE. Take that all you Canon guys!


Wouldn't it be fun to put Randy and Evan in a room together and watch what happens?

When will you guys be testing the 10mm fisheye and software? Sounds like a really interesting combination.

Sherry A.

The 10mm lens and the wireless network sound like a great combination. I do a good bit of architectural shooting and I can see where that lens could solve some specific problems. The ability to have shots go directly to my laptop is also interesting. I'm often trying to check to see if small details were rendered sharply which is almost impossible to do on the LCD. Being able to immediately see the result on my screen would be worth carrying a little extra gear around. Do you think you'll be testing the D2H in this setup anytime soon?

T. Evans

We also think this is an interesting combination and we'll be testing it out as soon as we can get out hands on production versions.

The D2H really has me excited. But not for the reasons you might think. I shoot Canon and if Nikon comes out with a feature Canon matches it. I wonder what Canon will come out with next?


Look at the new Digital Rebel in this issue to see the latest from Canon.

What Do You Say to a Naked Model?

I'm a photographer from Hot Springs, AR. I've been shooting modeling and fashion portfolios locally, but as you well know...the major markets for fashion/modeling are NY, Miami, LA, Chicago, Dallas, etc. There are some models here with exceptional qualities...and I'm thinking of launching my own website with my gallery and portfolio. I have lots of samples that I could send to prospective do I get in touch with someone in the fashion industry to showcase my photography and the the models we have here???

Thank you. 
Rodney Bloor

The only way is to go to NYC with a portfolio and spend a week knocking on the doors of every model agency, magazine, and designer who will see you. Call first and try to make appointments but don't be afraid to show up unannounced. It ain't easy, which is why so few people make it. 
Good luck, Joe Farace

I was SHOCKED and APPALLED by your article what do you say to a naked model!

Just kidding, I hope there's more articles like that coming. I'm just getting into shooting nudes and this was good stuff. Are you planning on doing anything on using outdoor fill light?

You guys are still the best thing on the Web for photography, 
Mike Young

Yep, Joe will be touching on outdoor fill in an upcoming article.

Go With the Flow

The pictures were beautiful, very full of movement & color. I think the feeling of serenity came through loud & clear. Very peaceful, that's why most people seek out the shorelines & waters edge. Painting on film, well done.

Mary Ann German

I really enjoyed Mitch Moraski "Go With The Flow". I live near Lennie Lee Rue III in Northeastern Pennsylvania( I think I do, as I have studied many of the deer shots, and his articles in O.P.) and have a state treasure within 5 miles of my home called Ricketts Glen State Park which contains 22 waterfalls with heights as much as 94'. There are also many lesser known falls located within the state game lands nearby. I have lived in the area since 1973 an am quite familiar with the geography.

Anyway I wanted to thank you for sharing your time and interest in nature photography. Its not often you find something for free anymore, much less something you benefit from. I have read many books and articles from your photographers over the years, the interest ya'll show is not monetary and reflects a true love for outdoor photography. I still read many of Galen's books more than once. Thank you, and perhaps I'll see one of ya on the trail in Pennsylvania.

Tollie Perry


The article about ospreys was specially interesting to me. I've been photographing ospreys around Lake Istogpoga in central Florida (Lake Placid) for 2 years. This year I got a juvenile for the first time. This type article is most useful since he gives methods of shooting these birds in their nests. I learned this by trial and error! Articles about shooting various species would be very helpful. The author also obviously knows his subject very well.

Anne Bellenger

Annoying Ads

Hi there, Compared to all the blinking lights and bouncing balls and smiley faces,the Apple ad is way tame by comparison. As a matter of fact,I had to click on the provided link to look at it again....maybe I've become jaded when it comes to pop-up ads etc. 

Best regards, 
Charlie Young

I don' t understand the objection to this type ad. It is neat, concise, and conveys the message. Guess you can't satisfy all the people all the time.

I enjoy your magazine, and ads.

William Westerbeck

We received a lot of emails like this one. The feedback was unanimous. No one found the Apple ads to be a problem

Astia 100

Just read your article on Astia 100....When you use your SB-28 for fill when outdoors, do you use Auto Balanced Fill Flash or do you use TTL and use your own setting?


Auto balanced fill flash and a pocket bounce to soften the flash. If I'm not using the pocket bounce I dial in minus one stop of flash compensation, leaving my main exposure setting untouched. I think it gives a more natural look. But like so many things in photography this is a matter of personal taste. I tell everyone they should experiment and find the look they like best.

Just a short note of appreciation for all the hard work and inspiration found inside your Web magazine. It truly is one of my favorite websites, and I appreciate the writing style and topics of each article. I keep a printed PDF copy of my favorite articles with me for reference as I travel (and hopefully photograph).

Thanks for the inspiration!

Brian A. Struble

Un-conceived Notions

I wanted to tell you that it was nice to meet you at the conference and talk with you briefly. I just looked in on Vivid Light and enjoyed your monthly column and photos very much. It was fun hearing your side of the "Light Chasers" story at UMass, and wonderful to see your favorite image from that adventure. You also told me how much you liked Old San Juan, and I can see why. "Special Delivery" is wonderful.

I've usually checked in on Vivid Light on occasion, but became a subscriber tonight. I've been missing out on way too much! 

Carol Morocco

You really touched a nerve. I never really thought about it but of the five photos hanging in my office four happened when I was out trying to shoot something else. You always get me thinking.


I read with interest your article about preparing a shooting session.

Living in Ireland since 1997, I couldn't help but smiling (sorry) about your experience with the cliffs of Moher! It is such a typical story about that place. The cliffs of Moher are really exceptional, but as you discovered, the view is spoiled with zillions of tourist all year along. Dozens of buses are succeeding in unleashing a crowd of tourists craving for amazing pictures. One of the main dangers that really threaten this beautiful country is uncontrolled tourism, and more and more places are being spoiled every day in Ireland, due to this problem.

This is why, I haven't gone very often to these cliffs. Note that this is no excuse, and the crowd should be part of the challenge for taking good pictures.

There are other cliffs in Ireland that people don't know very well and are difficult to access by car, and luckily enough, impossible to access by bus. County Sligo hides such cliffs that are almost as impressive as the cliffs of Moher. There are days of possible hiking around their edge (dangerous!) and very few people. County Cork and Inishowen have also amazing cliffs that are ignored by most visitors. But I do know what they are missing...

I think renting a car is necessary if you come back one day to Ireland. You need your complete freedom of movement and stay at a certain place for as long as you like.

Please, keep sharing your experience with the photographic community!


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