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Last Month's Self Assignment Winners

Last month's self assignment was to create an image stressing patterns. 

We want to congratulate both the winners and all those who participated. Thanks to our sponsor, FujiFilm, the winner receives 20 rolls of the Fuji professional film of their choice. The runners-up receive 10 rolls of the Fuji professional film of their choice.  Winners are notified by email.

Winner, Red Rose, Jim Mitchell
"I was experimenting with different magnification combinations when I shot this red rose "up close and personal." The results were a sort of Georgia O'Keeffe look."

Shooting from a tripod Jim used his Nikon F100, Nikon 105mm macro with Nikon 5T and 6T diopters and a PK 13 extension tube. He metered manually at f/16, capturing the image on Fuji Velvia and scanned the slide with a CanoScan FS4000. 

Zakim Bridge, Paul Skelly
"Emboldened after a couple of beers on Easter Sunday night, I went out  to take some pictures of the Zakim Bridge in Boston. The southbound  lane hasn't opened yet, so I was able to get right out onto the center  span. I think this is the best of the shots I got, although I did catch the tip of one of the bridge street lights on the bottom right side of the frame."

Paul used his Nikon N80 and 24mm AF-D f2.8 to capture this image on Fuji Sensia ISO 100. The negative was scanned by his photo lab. There was no digital manipulation to the resulting image.

Cobble Stones, Dave Wilkinson
"The image was taken on a winters day after it had been raining. I had decided to go for a walk around the Castlefield area of Manchester to give my old Pentax a run out after just buying a 135mm lens second hand. I very much enjoyed the walk and found that a break from my usual cameras (Nikon F90x & Fuji 6900zoom) was good. Everything manual... Makes you take your time and think about the shot you are taking !"

Dave used his Pentax ME Super and Pentax 135mm f3.5 to capture the image on Ilford HP5 plus Film. The image was scanned with a Minolta Dimage Scan Elite F2900 into Photoshop where he adjusted the levels. No other manipulation was done.

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Vivid Light Photography, digital and film photography online