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Digital Nature Photography 
By Jon Cox 
Paperback, 160pp 
ISBN: 0817437916

In a sea of techie digital photography books this one stands out for what it is not. It's not full of digital jargon.

In fact this book is more an introduction to photography than anything else. It just so happens that Cox equipment of choice is digital; and as an introduction to photography Cox does an excellent job. His writing style is conversational and approachable. The images are stunning. The approach will set the new photographer at ease as he progresses through the basics, into composition, and finally into manipulating your images in the computer. This step also is in refreshingly plain English.

Digital can be a wonderful learning tool because of its instant feedback. If you know an aspiring photographer buy them this book. By the time they're finished they may be teaching you a thing or two.


Light and the Art of Landscape Photography 
By Joe Cornish 
Paperback, 160pp 
ISBN: 0817441522

This is not your typical photography text or how-to book. It's more like sitting at the light table with a seasoned pro while he pulls out favorite chromes and tells the stories behind each shot. And like each such session that I've participated in I learned a few things reading through Joe Cornish's book - both from the success he's had and the mistakes he's made.

In many instances he shows two images of the same location where he's returned to reshoot a landscape. There are differences in light and composition. Sometimes they're noticeable, sometimes subtle. Cornish reveals the thought process behind how these images were made as well as the technical details. But as is so often the case, it is the process behind the photos that is truly illuminating. Beginners will appreciate this book for it's strong visual appeal but seasoned photographers will take more away from it.

This is one of those rare books that is impossible to read without provoking a strong desire to grab your cameras and head out to create images of your own.

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Vivid Light Photography, digital and film photography online