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Selling Photography
by Roger Antrobus
Paperback: 128 pages
ISBN: 0817458395 

Ever dream of making your living as a globe trotting photographer? Wouldn't life be grand if "work" was jetting off to London, Rome, and the Caribbean and the only thing you had to do was take pictures?

But to most photographers breaking into that world seems like just a far off dream. Once you have a mortgage and a family such dreams are beyond your reach. There's simply too much to learn just to break in. Well Roger Antrobus sets out to create a road map for making a living shooting stock. Obviously you need solid images, but you also may need to alter your shooting style. In some cases a great image won't sell because there's not enough space to drop in the text or you're simply shooting the wrong things. 

Here is a road map that takes you from choosing equipment and pressing the shutter through choosing and dealing with stock agencies and libraries to represent your work. In the middle is more leg work that you might imagine. But then every job looks easy when you're on the outside looking in.


Elegant Black and White Wedding Photography 
by Sara Frances
Paperback: 176 pages
ISBN: 0817438203

I've always been amazed at the differences between wedding photographers. The concept sounds so simple. Shoot a wedding. The day is choreographed so you know what to expect. One is pretty much like every other so once you have it down it should be simple right? Um wrong. 

With weddings there are no retries or re-shoots. You have one chance to get it right and as a wedding photographer once told me, every bride and every mother in law is a photography expert on the day of the wedding. Throw in normal wedding day jitters and a few drunks at the reception and things can get interesting indeed. That's why it always amazes me when you see those rare few wedding photographers who make it look so easy.

Judging from the quality of photographs in this book Sara Frances is one of those rare few. Best of all she is able to communicate what it takes to be successful in a business where there is no shortage of competition. In the first part of the book she covers composition, equipment and lighting. Even to the point of detailing what the assistant's job should be. But just as important, maybe even more so, she goes into detail on what happens after the wedding if over. The creation of the album, editing the photos, printing and working with the client. 

If you are seriously considering wedding photography as a profession or if you are a professional looking for ideas to improve your craft this book is a good place to start.

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