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Sigma's New SD9 Faces off Against Nikon's D100 - Is Foveon's X3 chip really the great leap forward that's been claimed. We take both camera's out west into canyon country to see.


Fuji S2 - Fuji's entry into the Digital SLR wars. We'll see how it stacks up against the competition.

Canon 1Ds - Canon's new mega digital is the priciest kid on the block. Is it worth the money?

Contax G2 - An autofocus rangefinder with high end Carl Zeiss lenses for less money than a Leica. Is it too good to be true?

Lee Filters - The next step beyond screw type filters. These square format resin filters give you more control of the final image.


Enlargers - Chuck takes a look at several enlargers designed for home darkroom to pro use. 


The Digital Wedding Photographer - We interview a wedding photographer who made the switch to digital several years ago. It's changed his business and allows him to offer things that would have been unheard of with film.


Denali National Park Alaska - Lennie takes us shooting in Denali National Park - a northern wonderland of landscapes and wildlife.

Digital Darkroom

Recovering Lost Files - You've spent all day shooting in the most amazing light ever. You pop your compact flash card into the reader and see - an error!

All's not lost. We'll show you how to recover those images.


  • More travel and how-to articles 
  • Articles from Jim McGee, Moose Peterson, Gary Stanley, Lennie Lee Rue and Bill Hartley
  • Q&A with Chuck McKern 
  • Contest winners and more...



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Vivid Light Photography, digital and film photography online