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In Trouble with the Law 

We got quite a few feedback emails from readers who felt that the police might have gone too far in questioning my actions in the subway. I just wanted to reaffirm that the two officers were exceedingly polite and professional. At no time did I feel that their behavior was anything but what we should expect of them. - Jim McGee

West Coast of Florida 

I really enjoy receiving Vivid Light. The articles are very informative. I am gearing up for a Celebration of Retirement trip to the Gulf coast of Florida. The current article by Moose Peterson is very informative and makes my list of important reading for this trip.

Keep up the great work. 
Mike Conlon

I really enjoyed Moose's article on shooting birds in Florida. I've gotten quite a few publishable images in this area and I love the way he relates his experiences there. I felt like I was back there again. But unlike Moose I'm still shooting with an F5. I'm not quite ready for the switch to digital yet. Maybe I'm being foolish but I've got 12 years worth of images on film that I know will still be good 12 years from now. I'm not so sure I'll still be able to read a JPEG file in 12 years.

Love the magazine, 
Mike DeLeo

Moose Peterson's photographs are works of art. He has the greatest eye for their eyes! His wildlife pictures bring gret joy and shouts or oooh and ahhh, oh how does he do that! 
Thank you Moose. 
Kay Clifford

Just got back from Sanibel a week ago and read this article, couldn't agree more, will be going back next year. 

Joan Chasan

Just had to say that Moose's article "Bird Photography Southwest Florida Style" was outstanding. Good advice and truly superb photos. I may never be able to afford the lenses, but it's great to see how an expert works.


White Tails 

Nice whitetail shots. Very nice web site. Keep it up guys !!! Have a great day ! 


Tell Lennie that if he wants some great deer shots he should come to Philadelphia. I live near a park in Northeast Philadelphia and I can't do any landscaping because there are so many deer. They eat everything I plant!

Frank Bright

Nikon Flash System 

I recently bought the same combination you tested in the article for location work. I found your conclusions to be right on except for one thing. Why didn't you mention that Nikon is at least two years late getting the system out! There were many times over the last couple of years that I've had to lug light stands, heads, and power supplies along when this system would have done fine. I think Nikon makes the best quality gear but it's really aggravating that Canon and Minolta beat them to market with new technologies so consistently.

Rich Pachuca

Great article on the SB30. I use it on my Coolpix 5700 and 5000 and I find all your data right on!

Thomas Bauer

Maine Coast 

I thoroughly enjoyed your article in the current "Vivid Light". I was particularly interested because I have just started thinking about a photo-sightseeing trip to Maine in my newly acquired (and much hated by my wife) motor home. As I am retired, I can make the trip most anytime and was wondering what your thoughts were about timing. I would like to spend a couple of weeks in your backyard. I'd like to miss the crowds but don't really want to freeze my butt off. I would also be interested in possibly joining one of your workshops. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Regards, Bobby Tharpe

Gary responds - I'm glad you enjoyed the article. For me, the best times are mid-June and mid-October. They are just before school lets out and just after the summer rush. Don't go too late in October because everyone starts to shut down by the fifteenth and restaurants and hotels etc. are harder to find. You can find our seminar and tour schedules at

Very beautiful article. As I sit here on the flat plains of Texas it makes me remember that one beautiful fall vacation I took to the northeast US where Maine was my favorite state. It makes me want to retire in a photogenic place. Ray Sampson

So enjoyed this page of the coast of Maine. We were there in October for our daughters wedding at Ocean Point, Booth Bay. It was so awesome to be in the chapel there during the wedding and to hear the ocean crashing against the rocks and made for some incredible pictures. Mainers are and should be proud of their beautiful state. We love visiting there.

Thank you for sharing your state with the rest of us. 
Aileen Reinier

Classified Ads 

I was looking at your equipment for sale section and noticed immediately that they should be in alphabetical order at least regarding brand.

I know in a Microsoft Word table, if you had a separate column for brand, you could sort the entire table by it.

Michael Miller

In the for sale section it would be nice if cameras and lens were sorted by manufacturer. I also question if an Item posted in July 01 is still for sale? Sure I can and will ask one seller but I expect a no.


Why is there no way to edit an ad? I have an ad in the list that I would like to change the price of and there seems to be no way other than removing the current one and adding a new listing which is cumbersome.

Vincent Kempf

The equipment classifieds are a victim of their own success. At any given time there are around 600 items listed for sale and 50 or 100 listings are updated each month as equipment is sold and new items are added. And yes, items in older listings routinely sell. Frankly when we originally designed the site we never expected that these listings would grow so big so fast. Unfortunately the updates for this page are still done manually.

We are working on a redesign with two priorities. First is to keep the listings free of charge as a service to our readers. Second is to make them easier to navigate and sort, so that if you only want to look at lenses for Canon EOS bodies you can do so with a couple of clicks. We've also had requests for the ability to include photos in listings. Not a big deal for a $15 release cable, but certainly desirable for a $1,500 digital camera body.

The good news is we're looking at tying the listings to a database on the server that will make sorting and viewing equipment much easier. The bad news is that to keep expenses down, and keep the listings free, we're doing it as a "side" project so it may be a few months before you see the new and improved listings.

Nikon 24-120mm Lens 

re: Nikon 24-120 article. Shhhhhhh - let all the naysayers believe the 24-120 is a dud! Maybe the price will drop and I'll buy a second one... Been using this lens 5-6 years. LOVE IT!! Sold many images for fine art and print use taken with this lens. It used to be my main lens on my film cameras, now the main lens (36-180 equiv.) on my D1. Yes, had the 28-105 and no, no appreciable difference. GREAT Review, covered all bases!

Russ Poole 

I just read the article on the 24-120mm Nikkor zoom lens. Where anyone could say this lens is soft doesn't know what they are doing. Jim McGee's evaluation is right on. I have had this lens ever since it was introduced and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Popular Photography did a test on this lens and said it was the best lens in that range they have ever tested. My pictures are very sharp at all focal lengths and scan nicely to make 8X10's with my Epson Stylus Photo 700 printer.

Wayne Bennett

I agree that the 24-120 mm zoom has got a bad rap. I have one and I have used it to shoot from a helicopter to landscapes. I am currently using on a D-100 and have no complaints at all. As for being a universal lens. I think it comes pretty close. Glad you think the same as I do.

Hal Oliver

Sorry No Pictures Great article. I was there with you and your new wife when the event that you alluded to occurred. I recall you warning me to be careful with that particular gentleman. Keep up the great work at Vivid Light.

BTW, I anticipate that my wife and I will be visiting Me,Vt, and NH this coming fall. I may need some tips on locations.


Gary Responds - Thanks, It does make it more personal when you're there, and no doubt, many others have had similar experiences. Let me know when you get to New England.

Fun with Flatbeds 

Fun with scanners. What an eye opening article. I'm going to start collecting things and see how they come out. An to think I can't get my 76 year old mother to get near a computer.

Ray Sampson 

Enjoyed the travel article, very informative. The Flatbed scanner article gave me renewed confidence that I can learn to use my PC computer. Thanks for finding me. I will let all my photo friends know about this publication. Sharon Antonelli

Imagine a new tool for photography right under my nose. Why is it that I never realized that a scanner is really just a big digital camera.


Good Words As a first time visitor, I am amazed with the quality, of this site.

Thank you, 
Bob Borsari

Just found you site. Very nicely done. Looking forward to reading all of the back issues. 


Love your magazine. I've been reading it for more than a year and I always look forward to each new month. I have been an amateur photographer for the past thirty years and I still learning new things. I find your reviews helpful, and your how to articles informative and very helpful. I use both film and digital cameras and I find your mix of articles on each to be right on.

Keep up the good work. Don't change a thing, 
Steve Pontious

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