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Successful Underwater Photography 
By Brian Skerry, Howard Hall
Paperback, 144pp.
ISBN: 0817459278

There aren't many books on underwater photography. Fewer still are good technical references. Brian Skerry is a photojournalist specializing in underwater subjects. Here he sets out a solid, pragmatic approach to underwater photography. The 144 pages of this book are packed with practical information on equipment, techniques, and composition. Seemingly everything about photography is different when you go under water. Much of the book is organized into short snippets illustrated with a photo. There's almost too much information here. If underwater photography is something you want to pursue this is a book that you'll come back to again and again - and learn or relearn something every time.

Kodak Guide to 35mm PhotographyPhotopainting: The Art of Painting 
on Photographs
By James A. McKinnis
Paperback, 144pp. 
ISBN: 0817455116


We've all seen these images, but frankly I'd never given them all that much thought. But James McKinnis certainly has. While the images in this book are based on photos this is definitely a step away from photography and into art. McKinnis does a good job covering materials and basic techniques, though his examples are anything but basic. I came away with the impression that while the techniques are interesting and the results eye catching it would take a lot of patience and practice to become adept at this technique. Experience with painting would definitely give you a leg up.

If you have an artistic bent and an interest in these unusual images this book is a great starting point. Providing everything you need to get started. Where you take it from there is limited only by your imagination.

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