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Last Month's Self Assignment Winners

Last month's self assignment was to explore color and boy did we get some colorful images! Chuck's monitor is still smoking!

We want to congratulate both the winners and all those who participated. Thanks to our sponsor, FujiFilm, the winner receives 20 rolls of the Fuji professional film of their choice. The runners-up receive 10 rolls of the Fuji professional film of their choice.  Winners are notified by email.

Winner - Orange Sunflower, 
Karen Johnson

Karen tells us "This image was taken against a black velvet background using natural light from the right from a north facing window."

Karen used her Canon EOS D60 and Canon 28-80mm lens. The resulting image was downloaded to computer straight from camera and a border was added. 

Red Satin, Daniel McNeill 
A man of few words Daniel didn't give us any background on the image, only the technical details. 

Nikon 8008 Camera, Tamron 28-200mm Lens, Fulicolor 100 film, and studio table top Speedtron Lighting Equipment. Teh resulting image was scanned using a UMAX Vista S-12 Scanner. There was digital manipulation of the scan.

Reflection, Grayce Dillon
Grayce tells is that she "wanted to capture some of the Autumnal color of the season." 

"The colander provided some reflective surface. I set this up in my home studio."

To capture the image she used her Kodak DC4800 digital camera. The resulting image was Cropped, the contrast increased and some glare on the pumpkin was touched up using the cloning tool.

Honorable Mention

Structural Detail, Herman Dirks
"This is an image of a structural detail in an office complex called La Placita located near downtown Tucson Arizona. It is a campus type complex and all of the structures are painted these wonderful vivid colors."

To capture those colors Herman use his Minolta Maxxum, Minolta 24-105mm lens and Elite Chrome 100 Extra Color film. The slide was scanned using a Nikon Coolscan IV ED. There was no manipulation of the scanned image.

Dichroic Shadows, Joseph Polevi 
"Dichroic Shadows was a surprise for me. I've never seen brilliant colors in shadows before. I photographed a 3" block of clear crystal attached to a stand. The crystal has a coating of dichrioc (layers of transparent metallic material) on the surfaces. The colors are quite saturated because of light passing through. I then put the crystal on its side on a white surface in the sunlight. The shadows to the left of the block were black, the light created fascinating bright color designs in the shadows! The soft oval shadow was from a dish I was holding above the subject. This is a normal photo... no Photoshop here."

To capture this fascinating image Joseph used his Minolta Maxxum 700si and 28-85 Minolta zoom lens and Fuji Velvia 50 slide film. The slide was scanned using a Nikon LS-2000 film scanner.

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Vivid Light Photography, digital and film photography online