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I am the werld's greatest digital photographer! Check out the attached link and be humbled!

Tonga Man

Well you need to stop hiding your light under a basket Tonga Man because none of has ever heard of you! We were perfectly willing to be humbled but your link didn't work. Now that you've mastered photography we'd suggest a spelling class. Not only did you misspell the link to the Web site with the greatest pictures in the world - you misspelled world!

Fall Foliage Update 

Nice update - I've enjoyed your fall color section. Thanks for building it!

Thanks again, 
Mark Peterson 
Ames, Iowa

I thought the fall foliage page was a great idea. Will you publish foliage updates for Australia in your spring, our fall 

No problem, just send us the links!

Getting Started in the Backyard 

I really enjoy the articles on photography and equipment reviews. I get the feeling you guys speak your mind(s) and enjoy what you do. I especially like the no-bull approach Moose takes with his articles. I'm now going to take up some backyard shoots! 

I really enjoyed the article but I was wondering, do I have to wear a pith helmet when I go on "Backyard Safari"

Big Mike

Only if you want your neighbors to have a good laugh.

After reading Jim's and Moose's articles this month I was really psyched. I started shooting every morning (well almost every morning) out behind my house and I've been taking my camera to work and shooting out behind the office at lunch. Sometimes it's just one or two shots sometimes it's one or two rolls. I can't believe how much better I've gotten just doing this one simple thing and shooting every day. 
Thanks guys!
Sue Hamilton

Thanks Moose for the words of inspiration to a person who is struggling to get started. This kind of article helps as much as how to shoot. As well I have many pictures people say they can't believe they know someone who actually snapped a particular picture but have yet to have one published. Your inspirational thoughts keep many of us going and trying. 

Thanks again!
David Lindley 
Visual Images Photography

I loved Moose's article! I have found his photography and writings to be very inspirational! Many thanks to Moose! 

Gail Platz

Moose, I really enjoyed your article this month, especially the closing photograph. 
Great work! 
Randy Allen

Great story on turning pro, Moose! Vivid Light is something I look forward to. Keep up the great work! 

Alan MacRae

Really enjoyed the articles by Moose and Jim. I've been having fun the past couple of weeks shooting normal things around the house and the neighborhood. I don't know if I'll ever be able to sell any but I can dream… Gary

Digital Darkroom 

I enjoyed Jim's article on fine art prints at home. I even almost understood it all. 
New to digital and still learning, 
Mike Meehan

Can you give some suggestions of where to print? I am not happy with home prints. Where have you found to print fine art photos? I am also interested in printing on different papers, any suggestions? I enjoyed your article. I almost understand it. Took a class from Ron Shepard but have not spent enough time on my computer to 'get it' 
Mary Hartt

There is an installment on black and white printing issues this month. The next installment will talk about paper options and about labs where you can send your work for fine art printing.

Read the Photoshop after the fact article with interest. You might not be aware of an even easier way to get dead-flat horizon lines, using the 'measure' tool in photoshop. Basically use the measure tool to measure the feature you want horizontal or vertical, and then select Image-Rotate Canvas-Arbitary and the correct (to the second decimal place) angle of rotation will be filled in automatically. 

Gordon McGregor

I enjoyed your article on the use of Photoshop to correct some image deficiencies. I took a similar water shot in Portsmouth NH only to notice later that a fishing boat was leaving the view, which cause the viewer to look away from the picture. Thanks to the magic of image transforming, I was able to point the old fisherman in the right direction - into the center of the picture.

As I've developed my skills with Photoshop, I find myself catching other "adjustments" done by pros in magazines. An issue of Coastal Living showed a couple of seabirds walking side by side in the surf, with the caption saying that they were a pair… Only problem was that it was the same bird, just taken in two separate shots and merged. What gave it away were the shadows from each bird that pointed in opposite directions. One might question the ethics of misrepresentation by the magazine, but the technique wasn't bad. Would have been better if the photog had paid attention to the details. Perhaps a suggestion to the readers in future issues. 


Gary responds - As you can imagine we get into a touchy area with readers when it comes to manipulating an image. I try to state my position clearly so everyone knows how I feel. As I stated in the article, I don't touch the majority of my images because I also use them for slide shows, and if they aren't an accurate representation of the original slide, it makes me look bad. So I make every effort to capture an image as perfectly as I can. However, when I want to teach or illustrate a point, or produce a print from an otherwise great shot, I'm not afraid to make a few corrections along the way, and to have a little fun too!

Of Game Farms & Chipmunks 

I enjoyed reading Len Rue's article on game farm photography. I agree with most everything he said. The one thing I dind not like is his touting Triple D game farm. Most people do not know that triple D game farm is just that a game farm. Every year when a large portion of the years animals get their winter coats they are killed,skinned and their pelts sold. Many a photographer has unknowingly photographed that cute baby wolf, only to have it wind up in some collar on a rich womans coat in Chicago. I for one will never visit triple D for just that reason. Montana's other game farms Wild Eyes and Animals of Montana do not kill their animals for fur and I would suggest to your readers that they patronize those game farms instead.

Kevin Railsback

Lennie replies: Dear Kevin, In reply to the 'TripleD' game farm issue. I have never heard that 'Triple D' game farm kills their animals for fur sales and I have been going to 'Triple D' for over 15 years. This would totally defeat their purpose of being a photographic enterprise. Their animals are constantly being tamed and trained so they can be used for photography and it would defeat their purpose if they killed an animal for the low value of its fur. The investment in each animal is so high that they try to make sure the animal lives a long and healthy life.

Glad you enjoyed the column. 
God be with you Leonard Lee Rue III.
Leonard Rue Video Productions, Inc. 

I want to thank Dr. Rue for his article on chipmunks. We often never think to look right in our back yards to take some great photos, and I think that everyone would have to agree that many of the photos presented by Dr. Rue were exceptional. His article was a great inspiration for me.

David McLachlan


Great article on gargoyles. I shoot them all the time. When I show my shots, most people go, "What's that?" and then move on. I thought I was the only one who found these architectural gems interesting to look at a little closer.

Isn't shooting gargoyles a little weird? 
David Wayne Patterson 

Yep, but McGee's a little weird

I really enjoyed the article on shooting Gargoyles. I thought I was the only one obsessed with shooting them! Andy J.

Pick any subject and you can find a photographer obsessed with it.

Lens Testing

Great magazine -- Keep it coming! One thought -- It appears PhotoDo has not updated their lens performance database for a few years, and is not going to jump back into the fray. You guys seem to test a fair amount of glass, and I was wondering if you had considered formatting the tests in a similar fashion to PhotoDo -- like giving us some actual lp/mm figures wide open and at a few other standard stops, but not all the useless graphs - and archiving them for future comparison?

Thanks again, 
Jack Flesher

It's on the drawing board. As soon as the economy takes an upward turn and we can cut loose the funds.

Lighting Ratios 

Excellent article on lighting ratios. I liked the article on portrait lighting better, both were easy to read but I thought the portrait light examples were easier to follow and see differences.

Warren Hoo

You know I've read a couple of articles on lighting ratios and this is the first one that made sense to me. Tell Chuck thanks.


Fans and Critics

Whoever writes your feedback page is a real smartass. I like that.

Excellent site. Quite satisfied ! 
Jacques De Schryver

You know not everyone can afford or even wants these new cameras. Your magazine would be a lot more interesting to a lot of us if you reviewed out of production equipment as well.
Brian Yourdan

We have our hands full just trying to keep up with all the new stuff!

It costs me a bloody fortune to print 125-145 pages. Will your magazine be worth it? Now I'll go subscribe.<Grin> 
Ronald Duncan

Ronald, thanks for subscribing but you'll need more ink. The printed version was around 170 pages last month <Grin>

I just want to THANK YOU for something that might seem trivial to you, but is so appreciated. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to register for something or download something, only to run into a technical question that I don't understand. (i.e. text or html version- or whatever it is!) HOW WONDERFUL IT WAS to find an explanation that helped me know which to choose. I have a small, but growing photography business, and I only hope that your helpful approach will continue to be evident. I'm guessing it will be! 
Angela Carter

Was Jim McGee at Photo Plus Expo in New York? I though I saw him there but I didn't want to just come up and say hello - especially if it wasn't him.

Yep, he was at Photo Plus. You should have come up and said hi - he may look like a wookie but he's house broken.

Wonderful issue, great articles from Peterson, LaRue and the rest. Liked the review of the two top of the line cameras too! Can't afford them, but I can look. The digital darkroom articles were extremely informative. Thank you for a simply great job. 
Roger Kimble

Your site is very good as it does not focus on equipment as much as techniques. There is always something of interest. It is my first stop on the web photo sites. 
Leonard Weiss

I found this magazine through some some link someplace or another while searching for info on Canon EOS D60 or camera backpacks...anyway, I'm glad I found you! This is one terrific magazine! I just finished reading the articles by Moose Peterson and Jim McGee and now I'm rarin' to go. While waiting for my Canon EOS D60, I'll go out and shoot some frames with my Powershot Pro90 IS. 

Gil Miller Florida

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