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How to Photograph Women Beautifully: Professional techniques for creating glamorous pictures 
By J. Barry O'Rourke & Michael A. Keller
Paperback, 144pp.
ISBN: 0817440186

What a great job. Point your camera at beautiful women and get paid for it! Until you try doing it. 

There is a lot more to glamour photography that meets the eye and consistent results are not a given. In this revised version of what is something of a photography classic J. Barry O'Rourke & Michael A. Keller lay out a practical approach to the process that includes makeup, lighting, trend spotting, professional vs. amateur models, digital vs. film, and commercial options. The book is geared toward working photographers (and those who aspire to be) with an emphasis on shooting stock. It touches on the business aspects of photography but this book definitely puts the image first.

Kodak Guide to 35mm PhotographyThe Business of Portrait Photography
By Tom McDonald
Paperback 192pp. 
ISBN: 0817436154

Maybe the best way to describe this book is to tell you what it's not. It's not about jet-setting around the world shooting supermodels. It's not about making seven figures a year shooting stock, and it's not about glamorizing photography. 

This book is a nuts and bolts primer for the small independent photographer who wants to learn how to make a decent living in a small studio. It's about everything from paperwork, to finding work and subjects, to hiring employees. It's presented in a straightforward no nonsense style for the first half of the book. The second half is profiles of successful photographers and how they've carved out a niche for themselves.

If your aspirations are to create a business in portrait photography here is your blueprint. Follow it and you may not see that seven figure annual income but you will learn how to make a good living doing something you love. 

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