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As Photokina wound down Photo Plus Expo in New York started to wind up. It gave us a chance to get a look at some of the new cameras announced at Photokina and the new product announcements kept on coming.

PRO Announces Lens/Flash Rebates
Photographic Research Organization Inc. (PRO) announced a cash back rebate program through mid-January 2003 on PROMASTER MacroLume TTL Macro Flash of $50. If you buy a PROMASTER autofocus (AF) 100mm Macro lens or any other fixed focal length macro lens at the same time you'll receive a bonus rebate of $25 for a total of $75. Details and fine print can be found at

Prices Announced for Kodak DCS 14n and New Digital 645 Backs Announced
Several retailers announced prices for the DCS 14n digital SLR featuring a full-frame CMOS chip at Photo Plus Expo. Speculation before the show was that the DCS 14n would be price competitive with Canon's 1Ds, which is priced at $9,000. So a lot of people were talking when street prices of $4,600 were being announced. Putting the DCS 14n in the same price bracket as Nikon's D1x and Canon's 1D - both of which have image capture chips 2/3rds the size of Kodak's; but they are both far more rugged camera's than the Kodak. This digital wars are heating up…

Kodak was also showing their new Pro Back 645. It is a digital back for Mamiya 645M, 645 AF and AFD cameras, Hasselblad H1, and the Contax 645 featuring a 16 mega-pixel chip. The back is lightweight and portable weighing in at about the same weight as conventional film backs.

Hasselblad H1 Debuts 
Hasselblad was demonstrating their latest addition to their medium format line, the H1, the first 645 format Hasselblad. This camera features an advanced auto-focus and metering system. The camera has been designed as a solution for either film or digital photography. Its film backs can recognize and use either 120 or 220 films and can automatically recognize the film bar code system and several manufactures are making already making high-end digital backs that will integrate into this new 645 system. As with the standard Hasselblad system, the new H system will host an array of lenses, interchangeable viewfinders, and magazines. The advantage of this new system is that it doesn't force photographers to make a choice between film and digital.

The H1 system will be available in November 2002.

Foveon Expands its Distribution
Foveon announced that it had reached an agreement with Alternative Vision Corporation for the distribution of its X3 image sensor technologies for the industrial and scientific markets. This is good news for photographers. Expanded distribution channels for Foveon means more capital for further development of its X3 technology. 

New Coolpix 3500 and Upgrades for Digital SLRs and 
NikonPro Site from Nikon 

Nikon was demonstrating thee new Coolpix 3500 a 3.2 megapixel digital point and shoot with a 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. While it doesn't offer manual control it does offer 12 shooting modes that give the photographer much more control than most point and shoot style digitals.

Nikon announced expanded capabilities to NikonPro, their online service for professional photographers, that will increase their online presence, and increase sales and new business opportunities for participating photographers.

Nikon also announced a number of software, firmware, and hardware upgrades for their digital SLRs. Firmware upgrades are available for the D100, D1X, and D1H cameras. A software upgrade is available for Nikon Capture that brings it up to version 3.5. This upgrade allow users to take advantage of a change in the compression method for raw riles and effectively double the image size for the D1X and D1H cameras. There is also a hardware update available for the D1X and D1H that doubles the size of the capture buffer - a significant improvement if you're shooting fast action sports or wildlife.

The firmware upgrades can be downloaded at:
The hardware upgrade requires you to send your camera into Nikon. Details are at

Olympus Rolls Out New Digitals
Olympus was talking up their CAMEDIA C-50, an ultra-compact 5.0 mega pixel camera with a 3x optical zoom lens and showing the new addition to their C series cameras the C-5050, a 5.0 mega pixel camera with an f1.8 lens designed for the photographer seeking a digital camera with both manual and advanced photographic controls.

The new Camedia C-730 Ultra Zoom is only a 3.2 megapixel camera but it is sports a 10x optical zoom in a compact design. 

That equates to about 38mm to 380mm on a conventional 35mm camera.

Addition to Ilford Inkjet Paper Lineup
Ilford announced the addition of Galerie Smooth Multi-Use inkjet paper a double-sided matte finish paper available in 8 ˝ x 11 100-sheet boxes.

JOBO Announces a New Fine Art Inkjet Paper
JOBO announced the launch of PermaJet Digital Imaging Paper and Film. These papers are designed to work in virtually all desktop inkjet printers designed for photographic printing. These papers are fast drying, smudge resistant, and fade resistant. There are two categories of papers: Classic acid-free mould-made coated art papers and instant-dry UV super coated papers.

The Classic media has the feel, texture, and weight of fine art papers, and is available in 8 1/2x 11" and 11x 17" sizes. The instant dry papers have gloss and oyster surfaces with a UV protecting super-coat for added protection. These papers are also water-resistant and come in 8 1/2x 11" and 11x 17" sizes.

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