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You Lying Scum!

What's the game? You're offering to give the articles in PDF and you password block it. Why don't you just be up front with what your game is, so as not to waste other peoples time. 

Thanks for nothing!

Thanks for nothing? 

Well lets see. We give you the entire magazine for free each month. We have an archive of back issues with over 450 articles that is free. A search engine to help you find what you're looking for among those articles - also free. Our own little version of eBay for readers where there are hundreds of items listed - which is, lets see, free ! And lest I forget a monthly photo contest where we give out free film. I think we're giving you a LITTLE more than nothing. 

As for us being up front there is a BIG SIGN AT THE TOP OF THE PDF PAGE that tells you that we charge for an annual PDF subscription and it was a topic of discussion in the magazine for three months.  

Eddie, this is very important, you need to ~CLICK HERE~

We Stand Corrected

James Lee corrected one of our "Photo Tips of the Day" from last month to read as follows:

A Use for an Old Film Canister 
A good thing to have rattling around your camera bag is a selection of painkillers. Whether walking the trail or strolling the city, common muscle aches and headaches can take the joy out of the day. So take a selection of over the counter painkillers and drop a couple each into an old film canister. Top it with a tissue to keep them from rattling around (and turning to powder) and drop it into your bag. Or just fill it with a about 10 grams of pot. It just may save the day.

James also tells us that he likes to listen to the 'Dead while hiking and shooting in Jamaica. We should tell you that the Surgeon General has determined that shooting while high can result in impaired photographic performance - but you won't give a damn.

In the second underwater article, there was a statement at the end of the article that I was curious about. The author stated that if he would have stopped it down when shooting the beluga Whale the image would have been lighter.

I think that it would be darker.

Keep up the good work with the magazine,
David Staff

You are absolutely correct. In the publishing world we have a technical term to describe this situation - doh! Both the editor and the author will now be taken out and flogged.

Men of Few Words

James O. Marble

I liked this issue.

Fred Gaines

Fred has obviously been spending time with James Lee. We don't know what the hell bibble means. If you do please email us with the answer.

Dangerous Dan

Wrong magazine but we'll let you get it in.

El Yunque


I've spent time shooting in three different rain forests but I never had any idea that there was a rain forest as close as Puerto Rico. With all the cheap flights to the Caribbean right now it sounds like I know where I'm using my vacation this year. By the way you never mentioned leaches. I've had to deal with them on my other trips. Leaches suck - no pun intended!


No leaches, bad pun

Family Photo Trips

I'd like to see Moose travel cross country with MY kids!


As always I really enjoyed Moose's column. 


Moose doesn't realize how lucky he is that he has two boys who are into photography. My teenage daughters (13 & 14) think that stopping to take pictures has to be the dumbest thing that anyone has ever though of - unless they're in the picture (grin).


You Can't Please Everybody

Your article, Digital's Dirty Little Secret, contains nothing but Ludditean scare mongering and irrelevant comparisons. It is devoid of journalistic value and has no clear point or objective besides FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).

I'm sad that this less than worthless article was my introduction to Your website. I find nothing redeeming in its misinformed opinionation and it has made me question the journalistic integrity and value of Your entire publication.

Jesper Anderson 
E-Commerce Consultant, Amateur Photographer

But Hey We Did Some Things Right!

I just found this Website a few days ago, and I have spent the last five days trying to absorb the content. There is more useful material here than in most of the magazines that I've subscribed to over the years.

Thank you,
Stanley Beck

I am member Local 728, Studio Lighting Technicians, and I was very impressed with the content of your website. You have managed to convey key lighting principles through example with clarity and simplicity. An excellent resource.

Chris Robertson 
Pasadena, CA

Thank you! I have been looking all over for a site like this. Thank you all for the hard work that goes into a site like this.

Eric Collins

I just found your site and you've gotten me in trouble at work. The information systems Nazis said that I logged almost 20 hours on Vivid Light last week. Thank God my boss is into photography too. I got him interested in a couple of the articles and he forgot to yell at me!


Thoughts on Galen Rowell's Death

We sometimes wonder how we will be remembered a year or ten or a hundred after we die -- Galen Rowell will be with us as long as we have his photographs.

Clement Salvadori

I purchased a beautiful print of Galen's last year and had always hoped that I'd get to meet him someday. Now I guess I never will. But in a way he will live on through every beautiful image that hangs on someone's wall every time they sit and stare for hours. I often wonder what he was thinking as he shot that awe inspiring mountainscape that now hangs in my living room.


Galen Rowell will live as long as his images are with us. That will be a very long time indeed.

Eric Admurek

He will be remembered as the Ansel Adams of our time.


Take a moment from your day and think of them, and next time you're out shooting, take a frame for them.

Travel in good Health! 

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