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Digital Printing Handbook: A Photographer's Guide to Creative Inkjet Printing Techniques
by Tim Daly
Paperback, 160pp.
ISBN: 0817438270

Where was this book when I was getting started doing digital prints? In short if you have any aspirations of getting into doing your own digital prints, or if you want to extend your knowledge - buy this book.

It's not often we recommend a book this strongly. Tim Daly covers the subject step by step in easy to understand language. He'll explain the jargon, walk you through tough subjects like color calibration and media choices and even take you through image editing tasks such as dodging and burning and an introduction to curves and levels. He even takes you into emulating special darkroom printing effects that are available in PhotoShop. There were one or two areas where there could have been a little more detail but all in all this is an excellent primer on the subject that will give you a strong foundation to build on.

Kodak Guide to 35mm PhotographyThe Art and Attitude of Commercial Photography

by Rick Souders
Paperback 160pp. 
ISBN: 0817433090

How many of us haven't envisioned a photo career where we spend the day taking pictures of beautiful women posing with beautiful products on beautiful beaches and we spend the coffee breaks counting all our cash? In the first two thirds of Rick Souders book on the art and attitude of commercial photography Rick shows us how to create those beautiful pictures. Then he brings us back to earth with the statement "Only 20 percent of commercial photography is about taking pretty pictures. The other 80 percent is about business."

And with that sobering statement he begins the part of the book that is most valuable to you if you really have an interest in making your living with your camera. The book is lavishly illustrated with his work but it's his advice on everything from putting together a quote for a client, to model releases to getting paid that will be of value if you intend to pursue photography as a career. In reality Rick has written two books - one on the artistic side of creating commercial images and one on the business of photography. The good news is that both sections are worth buying.

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