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Sailing the Chesapeake - You see the world differently from the deck of a sailboat. We take you for a tour of some of the best sailing waters in North America.

Digital Darkroom

PhotoShop 7.0 - Instead of testing beta versions we held out for the real deal. So is PhotoShop 7.0 worth the upgrade? Gary checks it out and lets you know.

Digital Pro 1.2 - Sometimes it feels like getting all those digital images is easy compared to organizing and working with them. Digital pro makes the job easier by far.

The Switch to Digital - Moose Peterson has been shooting digital professionally longer than most. He talks about what to expect in making the switch as well as some things you might not expect.


Lighting Artwork - Attention all you eBay fanatics! Out newest editor Mark Thellmann gets into the intricacies of lighting artwork so that your images will accurately reproduce the color and sharpness of the original.


Sigma 17-35mm f2.8-4 Superwide Zoom - Another entry in the popular superwide category. Sigma's lens offers a nice balance of price and performance. But can it hang with the big boys?

Lowepro Dryzone - You didn't think I'd take all that camera equipment on a boat without a little protection did you? Lowepro claims their new Dryzone is completely waterproof and that it will even float with 80lbs inside. Are you a believer?


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