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Basic Studio Lighting: The Photographer's Complete Guide to Professional Techniques
by Tony L. Corbell
Paperback, 144pp.
ISBN: 0817435506

The difference between outdoor photographers and studio photographers is that outdoor photographers talk a lot about working with available light. Studio photographers have complete control over lighting. While this sounds like it would make your life easier, there is a tremendous amount of technique that goes into working with light in the studio.

Where many studio lighting books simply show a series of light placements that the photographer discusses in vague terms, Tony Corbell lays out a comprehensive overview of studio lighting, including discussions of film, metering, light placement, diffusion, shadows, and texture. Thereís even a section on controlling color and color contrast.

Basic Studio Lighting is a great learning tool, but itís not the kind of book you'll just read and absorb. It's the kind of book you take in the studio and use to experiment and play with ideas. If you're just entering the studio, or if you feel like your lighting setups are controlling you more than you're controlling them, than this book will make a great reference. And for you outdoor guys, take a look through here and you'll realize how good you've got it!


Within a Rainbowed Sea
by Christopher Newbert
Hardcover, 224pp.
ISBN: 094183199X
also available in softcover edition

We all like to compare our images against those photographers who have achieved recognition as being among the best in their field. We hold their work against our own as a yardstick for our own talents. For underwater photographers there are few such yardsticks. There are a lot of good images out there as well as some great ones. But very few underwater photographers really stand out as being head and shoulders above their peers.

Then there's Christopher Newbert. The hardback version of this book is beautifully printed on heavy weight paper and the images are stunning. Want to know just how far you can go with underwater photography? Here's your guide. You can page through page after page of stunning images. For the technically inclined there is a reference in the back that details the lens and film used to capture each image. At $75, the hardcover edition isn't cheap. But the quality is there to support the price, and this will be a book you pull off the shelf again and again.


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