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Loved Moose's story on Alaska. I felt like I was along for the ride!


Thank God you put a disclaimer at the top of the article or you'd have some dummy walking up to a moose and saying cheese!


Aw come on Rodney everybody knows that Moose only smiles if you say Nikon!

I earn my living as an accountant and this time of year is less than pleasant. On the commute home last night I read Moose Peterson's wonderful article on Alaska. It has been a very long time since I have enjoyed an article so much. Having spent time in Banff and Jasper looking for Elk, I felt that I was walking right with him and could easily picture his experiences. His article really raised my spirits.

Please thank him for me.

Mark Friedman

Underwater and Over Water

I really enjoyed Bill Hartley's column on underwater shooting. Hopefully it will be a regular thing. I snorkel (but don't dive) and I've gotten some good shots in shallow water here in Florida. Since summer is coming how about an article on shooting boats for all us boaters down here?


Bill's column on underwater photography is now a regular monthly feature. As for shooting boats, how about shooting while on a boat? In May we're taking a sailing trip down the Chesapeake Bay which should yield some good nautical photos for all you salty dogs. Look for the article to run in the July issue along with a review of a new waterproof bag from Lowepro.

I was excited to see an article on underwater photography, but disappointed to see that the entire article concentrated on a diving skill rather than a photography skill. Sure buoyancy is critical, but one shouldn't even consider underwater photography until he has mastered that basic skill. Underwater photography is very difficult, lets see some articles that focus on (no pun intended) on those difficult photographic aspects.

Stig T

Bill's point was exactly that: you need to ensure that your basic diving skills are sound BEFORE you can focus on other aspects of underwater photography. If your platform isn't solid you won't get good images.

This was the first in a regular monthly column on underwater photography. Future columns will focus on the basics of underwater photography, including equipment and technique, and work toward progressively more advanced topics. By laying down the basics first, Bill is building a foundation for those later columns that folks can refer back to. Check out his column this month on using underwater strobes and if there are any specific topics you'd like to see covered please don't hesitate to drop a line to to Bill ( 

I really liked the sea turtle.


PMA News, Film, and Opinions

I just read your article on the digital world vs. the film world and I must say it is comforting to know that film is still going to be with us. I am a serious amateur shooter, using mainly chromes and use an HP s20 to scan the images I would like to see and file those that are still great, just don't want to use up hard drive space to store them. I can only print out up to an 8x10 as of now, but if I need something larger, I can always bring it to the local lab for enlargement. Like you, I don't think digital will be the new wave so to speak, as it was with the slide rule and calculator. True, you can see what you just shot quickly with a digital camera, but in the end that means more time in front of a computer to download, adjust, save, and print. Not to mention the costs associated with printing, such as paper and ink. I'd rather be out shooting, which as I soon as I send this to you, that's where I'll be. Oh yea, I really enjoy the magazine. Lots of helpful articles. 

Keep up the good work,
Don Griffith

Jim I usually agree with you on most things but I think you're off the mark in your column about PMA. I think that in five years the only place you'll be able to find film is in a photo specialty shop. But keep up the good work. I'm so glad to find a magazine where the editors actually have OPINIONS even if I don't always agree. 


I hope you're wrong. I just spent $1,000 on a new film body! But seriously there are so many folks out there in the same boat, who've invested a lot in equipment, as long as the market is there the film companies will be making products. 

Digital Dark Room - Black & White PhotoShop and Curves & Levels

Gary's Article on B&W Digital work using Photoshop was OUTSTANDING. Although we have not abandoned our "Wet Darkroom", We are using our computers, scanners, printers and Photoshop to create photographs which would have been unimaginable a few years ago. We have been doing this for the past three years. We are looking forward as to what new technology will ensue within the next three years. Your WEBMAG is GREAT!!! 

Jim Stell Photography

I stumbled onto your web site quite by accident, doing a web search for "Minolta D Lenses". Just spent the last 1.5 hours browsing past issues. What a wonderful site! Lots of valuable information to refresh the memory and to educate on new topics. Of most interest was the two part discussion of "Curves and Levels". Must go over this again. I think it will help in in the restoration of my wedding pictures that have developed a "green" tint. Once again a great site. After I send this, I will be subscribe to the magazine. 


I've known more than one guy who looked a little "green" in his wedding photos!

Tremendous series of articles on "Curves and Levels" and the "Black/White Printing with Your Inkjet". Looking forward to more in the future. 

Bud Liley

I started about eight months ago taking digital photos of landscapes I hoped would be suitable for mating and framing. I am relatively comfortable using my camera and Photoshop, but was always afraid to move into areas such as curves and levels and unknown parts of the menus. I had been reading various digital photo mags. But there was never enough depths to their articles. Then I discovered Vivid Light Photography. I have been printing the necessary articles into a binder so I can study at my leisure when I'm in Photoshop. The depth with which you go into your articles has made it quite easy for me to begin using those portions of the menus which were always beyond my grasp. Thank you for helping me create better photos. Keep up the great in depth articles. 

Gordon Savatsky

What its all About

I just wanted to say thanks for putting this site/newsletter together. For me, I do value the equipment that I use, and the technical knowledge of photography, but those come second to the enjoyment that I get from taking a step back and really looking at the world around me, and the satisfaction of successfully capturing that world on film.

As a fairly novice photographer with an “entry-level” SLR and a “consumer-grade” lens its pretty easy to feel inadequate after reading through many of the articles and discussion groups on the web. I was beginning to think that I needed to get a bag full of expensive equipment to take great pictures. I’m sure that as I find more money in my budget, and more importantly, realize that the limitations of my current equipment (I haven’t gotten to that point yet), I’ll be in my local camera store, with credit card in hand, satisfying the camera junkie that lurks in all of us. In the meantime, I’ll be out burning through rolls of film with the tips and advice from your articles in my mind, and most importantly enjoying myself.

P.S. Gary Stanley’s How-To articles on Photoshop are great. I’ve gained more usable information from them than the few Photoshop books that I have on my bookshelf.

Ryan Harrelson

We couldn't have said it better

Buying Used Equipment

I just discovered you guys. I am AMAZED at the amount of used equipment listed on your site! You guys ROCK!


Men of Few Words

Goood, good work!


Digital is crap.


Self Assignments

I am excited about this month's self assigment. Question: is one allowed to submit more than one image? Say 2-3 derivatives of the same item, as shown with the 2 pictures of the Porsche.

Tina Mortimer 

Not only are you allowed but you're encouraged!

When are you guys going to do a nude self assignment so I can give my wife a reason why she should pose nude for me?


Maybe your email should be HornDog instead ?


Getting a 'free' anything is a pretty good deal and I signed up for VIVIDLIGHT without very high expectations.

I have enjoyed each & every issue and have even turned on a couple of friends to VIVIDLIGHT.

I also want to state that your e-mail magazine seems to get better every month & I found this months to be especially good.

Thanks from a very happy subscriber
Charley Grimes

I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks. We get a bunch of these every month. With the email volume increasing I've gotten a bit behind in answering everybody so I'd like to send out a blanket thank you to everyone who's sent along good words. They mean more to us than you realize - Jim McGee

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