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The D1 Generation 
by B. Moose Peterson, David Cardinal
Paperback 266 pages 
ISBN: 0970945108

Got a D1 - buy this book. It really is that simple. Having spent some quality time with a D1X, I can attest to the fact that it is a stellar camera. But there is a LOT to learn and unless you're shooting every day, as Moose has done, there is a lot that you may never figure out.

The book has gotten attention in news groups and on the Web because it lays out rules of thumb for white balance settings under various light conditions. While that alone would justify the price for many D1 owners, it's the lazy mans way out. The D1 manual does a good job at telling you how but leaves a lot to be desired in helping you understand why things work the way they do. This book fills in those gaps. Its not light reading - but if you really want to know how to squeeze the most from your D1/X/H its worth the effort.

The book is divided into four sections: one each for each model D1, and a final section that applies to the whole D1 family covering topics such as tone compensation, sharpening, color management, and raw mode. Even infrared photography with the D1. If I have one regret with this book it's that it doesn't quite capture the true vibrancy of some of Moose's images. I've seen some of the original JPEGs (one was the cover of our July issue) and while they look good here, the originals are fantastic.


Scenic Photography 101: A Crash Course to Shooting Better Pictures Outdoors 
by Kerry Drager
Paperback, 144pp. 
ISBN: 0817458190


The two things I like most about this book are that Kerry hits the areas where most beginning and intermediate photographers have trouble and he writes in a style that's approachable rather than pedantic.

The book is organized so you can take it in small bites - individual lessons on knowing your camera, on sharpness, on horizons, sunsets, etc. Organizing this way makes the book easy to read. Open it up for a lesson today. Come back for another tomorrow. Another thing that struck me is his willingness to recount his mistakes and how he has learned from them. This is how we all learned, but many authors seem ashamed to admit it. Equally important is that Kerry can shoot! The book is beautifully printed and the photos do a good job of illustrating the text.

If you've gotten past the real basics and are ready to start crafting your images, this book is an excellent place to start. And if you feel your vision has gotten a little rusty, this book is also a great place to go to get back to basics and rediscover some of the things you may have forgotten.


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