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I am doing a report for photography class and I have been searching everywhere for background.  When I came to your website and saw how much you had I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Thank you for providing articles for Photographers. Also I think that you should look at photography classes around the nation, especially at smaller schools, and possibly let the students publish articles, and photos. 
Thank you again. 
~Laura Daubenspeck

Laura, thanks for the kind words.  We also noticed a lack of good info on the Web which gave us the idea for this magazine.  As for your idea about looking at photography schools around the country and accepting articles from students, I think it's a good one. Students can bring tremendous energy and enthusiasm to their photography and are less likely to "take things for granted".  We'll look into this for upcoming issues.  Good luck in your classes.

Looks great!  But I noticed that all the articles are about 35mm photography.  Will you be doing articles on medium format equipment?
Jon Anderson

Jon, we will be doing articles on medium format, and even the occasional article on large format.  Out Technical Editor, Chuck McKern, has a good bit of experience with both Medium and Large Formats.  That said, the majority of articles will be shot with 35mm since that's what most of our readers shoot with.

Good site, but I wanted to print out the articles to read on the train and it took forever and my web browser (Explorer 4.0) cut some of the pictures in half.  Can you ad a print button so that it's easier to print the whole magazine?

PhotoMan, you're not the only person who wants to be able to take a copy with you.  On the front page go down to the bottom of the menu on the left hand side and choose Print a Copy.  This link takes you to a screen that will allow you to print the whole magazine or any individual articles using the Adobe Acrobat plug in.  If you don't already have Acrobat you'll be able to download it for free right from that page.

I noticed you have two Nikon reviews (The new scanners & 28-105 lens) and that a couple of articles were shot with Nikons.  Have you guys ever heard of Canon?  Their cameras are far superior to Nikon!  Good articles though.

Marty, I would guess from your email that you own a Canon!  No we're not prejudiced (in fact one of the articles was shot with  Canon equipment).  The next few issues include reviews of Canon, Minolta, Fuji, and Sigma equipment.  You'll notice that when we do an equipment review the travel article that month is usually shot with the equipment we're reviewing.  Why?  Because the only way to really get a feel for a camera or lens is to take it out in the field and use it.  As a result in any given month there will be at least two articles that feature equipment by the same manufacturer.

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