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You can put your camera club online in the OPC for a fraction of the cost of a typical commercial site. When you do, enter a brief description of your club, then  potential members can find you easily.

Backwoods Club
Rebel County, USA
Monthly meetings and quarterly photo contests. Annual possum & grits cookout. 65 members, 85 pickup trucks, 92 gun racks, 1 camera.


Fruits & Nuts Camera Club
California, USA
The camera club with the highest concentration of wackos. We have ex-dot commers, drag queens, ex-governors, and former football player murderers. Actors are NOT welcome. Some people are just too weird.


the Frugal Yankee Camera Club
Connecticut, USA
We shoot only with pin hole cameras. Anyone welcome, especially if you bring food or beer to meetings (don't think we're buying). Free membership to anyone who can figure out how to reuse film.
Massachusetts, USA
NECCC is a non-profit camera club council with over 80 member camera clubs in New England (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine). NECCC sponsors one of the largest photography conferences in the U.S.
Cambridge Camera Club
Cambridge, UK
The Cambridge Camera Club is one of the oldest photographic societies in the country having been founded in 1902 for the promotion of knowledge relating to all branches of photography, and the fellowship and recreation of its members.

We meet weekly from September until May with a varied programme of competitions, talks on topics of photographic interest, demonstrations and discussions, member participation evenings and various social events. Membership of around 100