Why Register?
Because Everybody wins

You get free stuff and we get leverage with advertisers. Here's how it works:

You Get Free Stuff
Advertisers like to run promotions. Offering special discounts to the people most likely to buy a product helps to sell things - which is why they're advertising in the first place. Special offers have included things like 30% off on Photoshop, discounts on photo magazines and camera equipment, and even free film. Plus you can register and still opt out of getting any promotional stuff. 

We only take advertisers who might be of interest to our readers. That means no porn, no online casinos, and no Viagra ads, etc. If you want those things, you already know how to find them.

The important thing is that if you check 'No' when registering you won't get any junk in your email or mail but we still get to count you as a reader.

We also run contests that are exclusively for registered users. Since only a percentage of our readers are currently registered that means you have great odds of winning!

We Get Some Leverage with Advertisers
Like any publication we stay in business by selling advertising. With all the technology on the Web there is still no clear cut way to identify how many individuals read our magazine each month. If three people visit our magazine we don't know if three different people visited or one person visited three times. More and more advertisers are asking about the number of registered users as a way to gauge how many people actually see their ads.

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